drop qt4
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Should we drop qt4 from the default installation?

Currently we have qt4 on the ISO for two reasons

a) plasma-desktop recommends sni-qt - it enables qt4's qsystemtray to use statusnotifiers instead of xembed
b) breeze recommends kde-style-breeze-qt4 - the qt4 build of the breeze qstyle. a tool called kde4breeze sets breeze as default kde4 style to get qt4 applications to look "native"

Seeing as qt4 is just about dead perhaps it's time to drop these? The most relevant user of qt4 I found is clementine and nothing much else.

The entire qt4 stack is only 47.6 MB on-disk, so maybe only 30 or so on-ISO (with compression). So, there perhaps isn't that much to be gained from taking away integration even when almost no applications are left which may use qt4.