Help create a good website for KDE Connect
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In this task, we want to design a good website for KDE Connect

This is the current mockup.


We want to help design the site to make it easy to navigate so visitors can get a clear idea of what KDE Connect can do for them and how to reach what they want.

We also want the site to integrate with KDE's other sites visually (see below under VDG) and that it complies with KDDE's Branding policies (T9122).

What do we want a visitor to do on this site?

  • Download and start using KDE Connect
  • Discover and install plugins
  • Encourage them to develop their own plugins



Make it look like a KDE site, make it accessible, attractive and easy to navigate.

paulb created this task.Mar 14 2019, 9:24 AM

For starters, I think we could add a navbar at top for better UX of the landing page

davidre added a subscriber: davidre.EditedMar 15 2019, 10:14 AM

I don't like the content moving relative to the background while I'm scrolling. Feels weird to me. The same for the background moving in the direction I'm scrolling feels like it's fighting me.

I'm a bit confused about the plugins part. While the features are technically all implemented in plugins this is an implementation detail that shouldn't be exposed to the user. It's not supported (on Android not even possible) to develop and distribute third-party plugins. The only way to create new functionality is by contributing directly to the project

paulb added a comment.EditedMar 15 2019, 10:29 AM

I would say you should organise the creation of your site like this

  1. Decide what content you want. You decide that by asking yourself what you want visitors to do on your site
  2. Decide where the content should go by grouping related content together and deciding what page each group should go on and the order it should be shown
  3. Number 2 will give you the pages you need, and you can structure the pages with the menu: what goes on the landing page, what is the second item, what the third, and so on
  4. Beautify everything: make the look and feel of the clear and agreeable and consistent from page to page

So, the first question you should answer is: What do you want visitors to do? (It can be more than one thing)

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ognarb added a subscriber: ognarb.Mon, Nov 11, 1:01 PM now feature a section about KDE Connect. Maybe we should improve this section instead of creating a new website? now feature a section about KDE Connect. Maybe we should improve this section instead of creating a new website?

On the other hand, kde-connect is not part of Plasma and there are use cases outside it (thanks also to a GNOME Shell plugin).
That does not mean that it could have its own page (without a specific website).