Reword warning about login on forum
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The KDE forum login page has a red warning saying "The login process has changed. The KDE Community Forums now uses the KDE Identity service to log you into the forums. Your forum display name can no longer be used to log in."

I think this text only made sense for the first few months after the change; maybe a year. By now all users either already know about the change, or are new to the forum so they don't know the old login system and Identity is the only thing they need to know about.

If we even care about showing a message to the tiny minority that may still have an old-style forum account, the message still needs to be reworded. If not... maybe we should just remove the warning altogether. I have seen users confused about the "login process has changed" warning, when they actually registered very recently so it didn't apply to them.

Or maybe we can replace it with text about things new users actually have trouble with, eg. "your real name and username won't be displayed, you can change your forum name separately" so we have a better chance they don't lie on the form ;)

(I can propose actual wording, but I didn't want to waste time on it if we end up deciding to delete it altogether)