Windows build of Skrooge fails
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As you can see here (, the build of Skrooge on Windows fails since 10 Jan. 2019 with the following error:
Could not find a package configuration file provided by "Qt5WebKitWidgets"

The 9 Jan. 219 the build was OK and Qt5WebKitWidgets was well found ! (

Do you know how to fix that? Should I do something on my side?

Again and again, thank you for all you do for the community.

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My understanding of this is that Webkit support had to be dropped as part of the move to the latest version of Qt because Webkit no longer compiles on Windows (it hits various obstacles)

I tried to fix the webkit build with mingw once but I don't have the time to go after it.
A good source for patches is

Good Luck!


Skrooge can be build with WebEngineWidgets instead of WebKitWidgets.
Is it better on windows if I try with WebEngineWidgets?

The problem is that QWebengine is msvc2017 only and most Skrooge deps are mingw only.