Making the wave form more visible in the timeline
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There's a problem... when I have to cut a clip in the timeline based on the audio wave form it's very hard to see it overlaying on a thumbnail and I don't want to switch off the thumbnail.
Proposal: A new setting which hides the thumbnail when a clip in the timeline is selected/highlighted.

This would be very useful for screen cast. Usually the screen changes slowly and most of the editing works are done based on the speech.

phuoch created this task.Jan 11 2019, 6:20 AM
afarid added a subscriber: afarid.Jan 12 2019, 1:00 PM

This happens when the clip has both video and audio right? In the refactoring branch this will change and a clip will be either audio or video.

In the settings, I can hide the thumbnail of the clip, see screenshot

But I find the thumbnail useful for identifying clips. It would be great if the thumbnail can be temporary hidden, e.g. when a clip is selected/highlighted.
Maybe a new setting "Selected audio only" :-)

afarid closed this task as Invalid.Jan 14 2019, 12:21 PM

So, as I said, in the refactoring branch yo will not have a mixed audio and video clip. Audio and video will be always split.

For the time being you can separate the audio and video tracks by right clicking on it in the timeline.

OK, now I got your point :-) I misunderstood that the timeline will only show either one.
Thank you for the tip. That helps a lot.