Keyboard Shortcuts for Effectpanel?
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Is there any way to assing keyboard shortcuts to Effects on the effects panel?
I didn't find any place in the sourcecode to do this.

At the moment, I'm succesful in incorporating Tangen panel support into the luma_lift_gain-panel (still a long way to go).
I was thinking about generation a "multipurpose color correction effect" like the lumetri-panel in Premiere.
It would be great if we could access the functions of the other effects panels through the input system instead of only the mouse.


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For not running out of shortcuts maybe we can make shortcuts per panel/window and not global.

Example: shortcut to reach/make active the project bin. All following shortcuts “works” for the project bin only.

So, we would have global shortcuts to reach the different panels/window and then the shortcuts work only in that panel/window until another global shortcut switch to another panel/window.