Krita 2019 Fundraiser Head Task
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This is the main task to organize work on the 2019 fundraiser

Main idea:

  • Small projects like the first kickstarter fundraiser
  • Also offer bugfixes so people can choose for stability if they'd like.


  • Subdivide big projects into smaller chunks.
    • Text
    • Layers styles
    • Brush engines
    • Python scripting
    • Animation
  • Determine what kind of projects each paid contributor would like to work on personally(lets ensure there's some interesting projects in there)
  • Finish Civicrm
  • Usual Campaign stuff.
    • Story
    • Text for choosable options.
    • Infrastructure evaluation.
      • Can people donate?
      • Can people figure out how to vote?
      • Can we figure out how to get comments into the campaign page to create some buzz?
      • Social media sharing options baked into the system?
    • Campaign video(requires story)
    • Cute headers
    • Art made with Krita
    • Rewards.
      • More rewards for smaller donations, last time too many 50~ donations for the brush pack.
      • Buttons/Stickers? Matchbooks?
    • Campaign tracking
    • A goal

What else we learned?

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I would also like to suggest we allow people to choose 'work what you would like to work on' and make that the default option. I've noticed in previous fundraisers some people just like to contribute to a project but aren't that opinionated about what the money should go into.

My proposals for possible fundraiser votable items:

Text - Simple text wraparound and SVG2 text Saving and Loading.

This goal would encompass implementing the text parts of the SVG2 text for saving and loading and then to implement the world's simplest wraparound algorithm. The SVG2 text spec is quite complex, so I suspect it'll take a week to implement at the least, wraparound would make for a good user-visible feature. I've selected this out of all the other text items( T8198 ) because it is the one that needs to be done to get some compatibility with Inkscape(our multiline text is different from inkscape's multiline text)

Layerstyles - Custom 'contour' curve for shadow/bevel/glow/satin

Contour for these would require a curve widget and then implementing the curve somehow.

Layer styles - Blending options.

There's like a whole menu here that needs to be filled in.

Brush Engines - Multithreading for other item.

Only the pixel brush is multithreaded, what else can be?

There's also the other stuff here:

rempt added a comment.Jan 26 2019, 9:42 AM

I think we probably should add gradient dithering, too.

Do we have any timeline for this? I remember someone mentioning September 2019. That is coming up pretty quick if that is the date.

For the platform, I am guessing we can do what we did last year. Have a page on that goes over everything like a kickstarter page. We also made the donation page the homepage during the campaign. We also had the voting right when someone donated as part of the form. That made tallying things up a lot easier.

We have a new development fund idea, but I think that is going to be quite a few months before that will potentially be ready.

rempt added a comment.Aug 12 2019, 1:52 PM

September is definitely not going to work :-(. We need the 4.3 release to carrry the fundraiser, and II need to have the resource rewrite done for 4.3.