KWin Zoom Plugin: Should work in fullscreen game windows as well
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Yapp :) i like gaming, mostly stuff like OpenRA - an Command & Conquer Red alert clone. on gnome-shell i was able to enable the magnifier and this also worked on games (all games and full screen windows).

If i have zoom active and start an game, the zoom disappears automatically.
it would be totally awesome if we can bring me back to gamer scene ;) any time. So my personal wish :).

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@graesslin and @davidedmundson do you have opinions on this? Is it possible to have magnification for fullscreen apps?

I was got invited at an LAN party yesterday. this made me find a way to enable zoom for KWin while gaming!

It is already possible.
Start the Game -> Press CTRL + SHIFT + F12 (seems to reenable compositing) -> zoom works
It works like a charm in FreeCAD/ OpenRA/ Tropico and other RTS games i tested (even with multible games running side by side - KWin is an impressive software). it makes some issues with shooters, but not like you may think in kind of frame rate (the games are running very smooth in fact), but the cursor following seems not play nicely with the locked cursor in the game. the cursor moves a little and jumps back to the locked place (Left 4 Dead 2). But this seems a more trivial bug and is not show stopper for playing games here anymore.
so closed

this is definitive something for the wiki :), i started currently.

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