Frameworks 5.52 for cosmic backports
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frameworks 5.52 for cosmic is available for testing in backports landing.

It would be nice to me it to the regular backports PPA tomorrow night or so.



IrcsomeBot <DarinMiller> 2 machines tested tested here.... fw 5.52 working well. Testing a 3rd box shortly... 00:21

mparillo_ Added the PPA to a VM via the command line. After Discover calmed down, did the upgrade via Discover. Rebooted. Kicker and krunner appear to work. Konsole, System Settings, Kate, Ksysguard, and Discover seem to work, and kinfocenter reports 5.52. Thanks to you and Santa.

2 laptops and a desktop tested with fw 5.52. All working as expected. Nice job, greatly appreciated.

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Thank you very much for the feedbacks, packages are being copied to the regular backports PPA right now.