Multiple Layout, General Improvements and Bug Fixes

Authored by Aiix on Feb 23 2018, 2:49 PM.


Multiple Layout, General Improvements and Bug Fixes

Ref T7175 Multiple Layout and General Improvements, Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: dash cards background issue with system themes
  • Fixed: dash cards context button location
  • Added: Use plasma components scrollbar for dash ListView
  • Fixed: Make all animations, buttons, logo's use system theme colors
  • Fixed: animation drawer, card context menu drawer utilize root item width with extra padding (required for some desktop themes)
  • Fixed: cpu race conditions with CustomMicIndicator animations(new look)
  • Added function to detect installation type, auto activate package install if binary detected
  • Added reconnect button on connection error, generally cause due to websocket connecting before all services have started - only retry's connecting socket without restarting mycroft services
  • Added connecting status when mycroft is toggled, (should mitigate user panick during service startup period)
  • Improved: Autocomplete box look and feel

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Maniphest Tasks: T7175

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