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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/frameworks' into topic-llvm+freebsd_ipv6

Authored by adridg on Oct 15 2018, 11:08 AM.


Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/frameworks' into topic-llvm+freebsd_ipv6

Merged Changes

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Fix the translation domain for the kcm module 
May 19 2017
45261c8dd77cLars Wendler/palimaka
Fix build with GCC 5.4 
Jun 9 2016
7efb4f62344cJohn Stamp
Change the numeric format to [-]9.9 
Oct 3 2015
5126bc103192John Stamp
Fix a couple of compiler warnings 
Oct 3 2015
ef51e4d4ce7dJohn Stamp
Refactor the tray icon handling. 
Aug 20 2015
2ecb2754bbd5John Stamp
Remove the interface alias setting. 
Aug 19 2015
af183c31f9bdJohn Stamp
Avoid duplicated effort: move text and bar icon generation to utils. 
Aug 19 2015
33f6a34bbb75John Stamp
Have a unified max rate setting for the bar icon theme. 
Aug 19 2015
d8ab25f4d4a1John Stamp
Text and bar icons no longer fixed at 22x22 
Aug 18 2015
d0cd61c6747eJohn Stamp
Use KColorScheme for text and bar icons 
Aug 15 2015
9c5a5c417f49John Stamp
Remove font setting for the Text theme 
Aug 15 2015
6776abccefefJohn Stamp
Fix finding the iface of the default gateway in the config dialog too 
Aug 5 2015
5bb2c4aa405cJohn Stamp
Plasma themes for breeze, breeze-dark, oxygen, air 
Aug 4 2015
c3e7c5a6dfd7John Stamp
Rework the icon themes 
Aug 4 2015
c76f9b6ec0dbJohn Stamp
Simplified unified setting for icon hiding 
Aug 4 2015
d9c25baffe72John Stamp
Show the interface of the default route unless told to hide it. 
Aug 4 2015
d4e87c8761e5John Stamp
Don't connect to a slot that was removed in the previous commit. 
Jul 28 2015
5304cb839eb3John Stamp
Remove ability to run commands from the popup menu 
Jul 27 2015
220deb28b9ecJohn Stamp
Don't use an html table in the tooltip 
Jul 26 2015
e9b1646b817eJohn Stamp
Test version of libnl before we use the include 
Jul 20 2015
e7be930910b8John Stamp
Add a missing include 
Jul 19 2015
5be3cb2fe0bdJohn Stamp
Avoid deprecated KGlobal::locale() 
Jul 18 2015
b68d9b4b3f9eJohn Stamp
The config dialog should be a module. 
Jul 17 2015
512b01426381John Stamp
Take care of QUrl -> QDir conversion when migrating stats 
Jul 17 2015
e25bbccddbb7John Stamp
Migrate from deprecated KWindowSystem::windowInfo() 
Jul 17 2015
0ce9baad7e6cJohn Stamp
Forgot a QLatin1String wrapper 
Jul 17 2015
c1a845c63977John Stamp
Use KSharedConfig::openConfig() 
Jul 17 2015
461a18252e17John Stamp
Migrate config and stats to their new homes 
Jul 17 2015
e845fe863904John Stamp
Remove config option for the statistics directory 
Jul 17 2015
b5d56b91b75cJohn Stamp
The long-deprecated calendarSystem(String) finally went away. 
Jul 16 2015
f8d07d601245John Stamp
Update KAboutData and actually use it. 
Jul 16 2015
2bdda36f4bc1John Stamp
Update INSTALL info 
Jul 16 2015
1629248105ecJohn Stamp
Remove more dependencies on KDE4 
Jul 16 2015
7ea25c462b8fJohn Stamp
Make sure it compiles with stricter build flags 
Jul 16 2015
3782b3ee00f4John Stamp
kcm_knemo.desktop should use kcmshell5 
Jul 16 2015
13792b49279bJohn Stamp
Whoops. One more KDialog left to migrate. 
Jul 16 2015
1abaee047b20John Stamp
KLocale -> KLocalizedString 
Jul 16 2015
7ff8551ad8b5John Stamp
KStandardDirs -> QStandardPaths 
Jul 16 2015
e59b1a7c3453John Stamp
Fix includes for generated moc files 
Jul 16 2015
b73080f0a38cJohn Stamp
Migrate from deprecated widgets in the dialogs 
Jul 16 2015
2bbc2220ff2aJohn Stamp
The netlink backend should use constData() from toLatin1() 
Jul 16 2015
d4e97a896b1bJohn Stamp
KLocale::FancyShortDate -> custom code 
Jul 16 2015
ae451985d648John Stamp
More KApplication -> QApplication 
Jul 16 2015
b11a42a99befJohn Stamp
KAction -> QAction 
Jul 15 2015
f058007da369John Stamp
Migrate KAboutData 
Jul 15 2015
a20e20fe4011John Stamp
Port the custom quit action in the tray popup menu 
Jul 15 2015
727a96eaec42John Stamp
KMenu -> QMenu 
Jul 15 2015
a5d13eea4a35John Stamp
KGlobal::config() -> KSharedConfig::openConfig() 
Jul 15 2015
2c658a22c528John Stamp
KUniqueApplication -> QApplication 
Jul 15 2015
08f2c6ecaba3John Stamp
Comment out missing calendarSystem call for now 
Jul 15 2015