Bump version to 2.0.17

Authored by mauroc on May 1 2019, 11:32 PM.


Bump version to 2.0.17

  • Fix GCC 9 warnings (due to -Wdeprecated-copy)
  • dvbtab: remove unused hide cursor logic
  • dvbdevice: fix a race condition with frontend timeout
  • dvbdevice_linux: improve some warning messages
  • mediawidget: fix a regression with next/previous logic
  • scanfile.dvb: update it to reflect last changes
  • dvbepgdialog: allow showing channels with empty EPG
  • index.docbook: some updates at the doc guide
  • index.docbook: add documentation about XMLTV support
  • Add support for reading EPG from xmltv files
  • Add support for disabling MPEG-TS EPG reception
  • README.md: add a quick description about xmltv
  • dvbconfigdialog: remove an extra addLayout()
  • iso-codes: add support for handling 2-letter codes as well
  • dvbdevice_linux: remove unused frontendFd
  • dvb: fix initialization for some objects
  • backend-vlc: don't leak metadata
  • backend-vlc: remove two temporary debug logs
  • backend-vlc: only release libvlc_media_new() when stopped
  • mediawidget: increase language popup size
  • mediawidget: define a policy for the audio combo dropbox
  • backend-vlc: ensure that audio stream will be a valid value
  • backend-vlc: update metadata at stop()
  • backend-vlc: release libvlc_media at destroy method
  • backend-vlc: add other events to the list of possible types
  • backend-vlc: simplify events handling logic
  • backend-vlc: print unhandled libVLC events by name
  • backend-vlc: update audio streams at metadata change
  • mainwindow: associate control bar to main window widget
  • backend-vlc: avoid memory leaks
  • mainwindow: free configuration at exit
  • mainwindow: better implement close event
  • backend-vlc: don't leak timer at object destroy
  • vlcmediawidget: properly initialize the class
  • vlcmediawidget: initialize urlIsAudioCd and trackNumber variables
  • backend-vlc: store current audio stream

Signed-off-by: Mauro Carvalho Chehab <mchehab+samsung@kernel.org>


maurocMay 1 2019, 11:33 PM
R466:cad5798ea13f: shareddata.h: Fix a new GCC 9 warning (Wdeprecated-copy)
tag: v2.0.17