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Disable tag updating from inline editor.

Authored by mpyne on Dec 20 2018, 7:40 PM.


Disable tag updating from inline editor.

This mitigates a potential data-loss situation that might happen when
adding new music items:

Juk starts processing the new items in addFiles,
Results in a new CollectionListItem being created,
The resultant PlaylistItem superclass calls setFlags,
This causes Qt to send a *data* changed signal from the QTreeWidget
  holding all the playlist items, saying that a *different*
  QTreeWidgetItem / PlaylistItem has been changed.
This signal is normally only possible because of user interaction with
  the inline editor. As a result JuK assumes the signal is a user
  request to edit the track's tag, and does so. I have seen this
  cause existing files to take on the same tag values as one of the
  incoming new tracks.

Although in theory a user could immediately select the "Undo" command to
fix this, that's not a very good workaround. Since we have a separate
tag editor already, we'll just use that instead until we can figure out
a way to ensure that dataChanged signals are sent only when the data
itself has changed (not just flags caused by unrelated items being

CHANGELOG: Prevent opening new items from inadvertently editing track metadata on existing items.


mpyneDec 20 2018, 7:40 PM
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