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[Places panel] use more appropriate network icon

Authored by ngraham on Oct 3 2018, 10:50 PM.


[Places panel] use more appropriate network icon

The current Breeze icon used for the default Network(network-workgroup) is not ideal for several reasons:

  • It it not clear what it depicts (I was told it's a server rack, but there's not enough detail to make this apparent)
  • Even if the visuals were clear, its iconography (a server rack) is not familiar to people who are not sysadmins

This patch replaces it with folder-network, which yields the following improvements:

  • This icon includes the "sideways dotted V" imagery that is used in other contexts (shared folder emblem, Share menu, which teaches the user its meaning
  • Many other platforms use circular globe or world iconography for their network icons. Even though this new icon is not a globe or world, it is circular, which helps to re-use some of a user's prior experience on other platforms
  • Semantically, folder-network is just a more appropriate icon to use for this than network-workgroup. The item leads to the whole network, not a specific workgroup.

Test Plan:
New icon shows up in all Places panels for new user accounts, or if you delete ~/.local/share/user-places.xbel in an existing user account

Dolphin Places panel:

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