Allow non reset on connect

Authored by rizzitello on Jun 16 2018, 3:42 PM.


Allow non reset on connect


  • Provides the user with an option to attempt to not reset the printer when connecting.
  • Currently will work on Linux and mac os . have not worked on methods for windows yet.
  • Changes AtCore::initSerial to have a bool for disableROC its default is false so current client builds shouldn't break.
  • Allows users to have atcore in a mode that it expects reconnect so this will help even those with Hw mods
  • Doesn't work with firmware autodetect. This is a more advanced setting and should know the firmware.
  • Can be used with D13553 to Allow you to properly monitor re attached sd jobs.

Test Plan:
Connect you printer to a linux host.
select your firmware and check the box to attempt to not reset on connect.
First connection should reset the machine, This is normal, and there is not much that can be done about this one.. Users should start SD prints they wish to monitor with atcore with a client of atcore. Connect will spit out a few seconds of resends This is normal and on my machine didn't affect the running print job at all.

Currently this should only work on Unices.

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Differential Revision:


rizzitelloAug 29 2018, 8:35 PM
Differential Revision
D13576: Allow non reset on connect
R232:f34a32147fbe: allow non reset on connect
R232:c1318543453b: Ensure runtime paths are correct

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allow non reset on connect 
Aug 21 2018