Add action to open screenshots folder to tools menu

Authored by rkflx on Feb 12 2018, 5:16 PM.


Add action to open screenshots folder to tools menu

With Quit after Save or Copy checked, there is a desktop
notification when saving which allows to open the folder containing the
saved screenshot. However, when the user opts to let the window stay
open, only the title will reflect the filename of the saved screenshot.
It's quite hard to know in which folder it was saved and not that easy
to open that folder.

By introducing ToolsOpen Screenshots Folder, usability in that
regard is much-improved. When no screenshot has been saved yet, it will
open the last Save As folder or the default Save location
depending on the button state. As soon as a screenshot is saved, the
new action will highlight the new screenshot in the filemanager.

BUG: 389695

Depends on D10467
Ref T7841

Test Plan:
For Save and Save As each, click on new menu entry after
starting Spectacle as well as after saving. Also test everything with
fish:/ (but beware of Bug 390297).

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Maniphest Tasks: T7841

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