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[platforms/x11] Never block on retrace, always present after paint

Authored by romangg on Aug 27 2019, 9:32 PM.


[platforms/x11] Never block on retrace, always present after paint

Compositing in X11 was done time shifted, meaning that we paint first, then
wait one vblank interval length and present on prepareRenderingFrame the
previous paint result. This is supposed to make sure we don't miss the vblank
and in case of block till retrace be able to continue issuing commands and
only shortly before next vblank present.

This is counter-intuitiv, not how we do it on Wayland or even on MESA with X.
The reason seems to be that the GLX backend was in the beginning written
against Nvidia proprietary driver which needed this but nowadays even this
driver defaults to non-blocking behavior on buffer swap.

Therefore remove this legacy anomaly fully and directly present after paint.
We then wait one refresh cycle and in the future can optimize this by delaying
the paint and present till shortly before vsync.

Test Plan: kwin_x11 tested on i915 and Nvidia proprietary driver.

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