Paste P207

Masterwork From Distant Lands

Authored by dkazakov on May 8 2018, 4:31 PM.
commit eabf38e31776b2ce4a22638d1c00f8496f9e86ae
Author: Boudewijn Rempt <>
Date: Mon May 7 15:11:34 2018 +0200
Update appstream info
commit c303ae21463f05632c50577dd21f59b86199507c
Author: Boudewijn Rempt <>
Date: Mon May 7 15:04:25 2018 +0200
Update version to 4.0.2
commit 9463d9c7dc23dcfac5681564dd84bc5dc35f3b8c
Author: Boudewijn Rempt <>
Date: Mon May 7 15:03:47 2018 +0200
Update version of krita4.xmlgui
commit 7d387e1bd1aaecc02923f3ca9de657951d569a5c
Author: Boudewijn Rempt <>
Date: Mon May 7 09:45:46 2018 +0200
Rename foreGround/backGround to foreground/background
This is more consistent with the rest of Krita and is more correct.
However, the colorSource and halftone filter haven't been changed
since those used these strings to save and load config.
(cherry picked from commit 21e8384d8ee1db85a6e210e924fc62101beac949)
commit 9456a494e50862b93aed2486dc9e68fceb5b878d
Author: Boudewijn Rempt <>
Date: Mon May 7 09:43:19 2018 +0200
Add Document::setBackgroundColor API
This can be used like this:
from krita import Krita
from PyQt5.QtGui import QColor
kt = Krita.instance()
doc = kt.activeDocument()
test_color = QColor(128, 128, 128, 255) # change as needed
old_background = doc.backGroundColor()
print("Old background: {}".format(old_background.getRgb()))
new_background = doc.backGroundColor()
print("New background {}".format(new_background.getRgb()))
Patch by Jeroen Hoolmans, thanks!
fferential Revision:
(cherry picked from commit 24f97f7d951a5dbcff6ef66e53c61a1c3e00bad3)
commit e9c5c4938dbd0f31d5c376d8b8210a81ace7b8f9
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Mon May 7 13:47:03 2018 +0300
Fix keeping "eraser switch size/opacity" option when saving the brush
Every reload operation resets our temporary fields of the preset, like
"saved eraser size" and "saved eraser opacity". So we should avoid it
without very high need.
commit 249c53bcba947afbb17d21efc022b079b2706c95
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Mon May 7 12:23:41 2018 +0300
Fix a hangup when closing the image
Sometimes KisImage::stopIsolatedMode() is called from within the
context of the stroke, therefore we cannot start another nested
commit 23aa2836b6d22854d9a7383fe452f9bce1c68687
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Sun May 6 20:22:49 2018 +0300
Move Isolate Mode activation and deactivation into a stroke
If we just manually check tryBarrierLock() and skip activation,
then "continued isolated mode" will work incorrectly. Indeed,
GUI requested to switch the root, but image refuses to do that
because it is busy.
Now we just post all the requests to the strokes queue and change
isolated root unconditionally.
commit 2a2e1b4428a21e192cb6ffd016c17f2a823d5c6f
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Fri May 4 19:10:57 2018 +0300
Fix an assert in KisCloneLayerTest
commit d6febe8616476738f1d00d8f424e5144d9cf12a9
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Fri May 4 18:03:38 2018 +0300
Fix saving state of the selection masks into .kra
commit 31cf4d492d867422d53da92f7ecfe61480f1d37d
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Fri May 4 16:05:27 2018 +0300
Fix a safe assert in RoundMarker brush
We shouldn't test for zeroness using qFuzzyCompare, instead we should
use some predefined epsilon value. This ensures we never try to divide
by an extremely small value, not representable by double precision
commit 69a4f5f459e76181aff70eab4eb8408d9ba0573a
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Mon Apr 9 14:49:46 2018 +0300
Fix update of the preset editor GUI when a default preset is created
Before the patch, preset editor's GUI was set to the previous
paintop type, which was incorrect. I'm not entirely sure that
this fix is correct, so putting it for review.
Test Plan:
1) Press "New default preset"
2) See that the GUI updated correctly
1) Is it really default preset got loaded? Or something else?
Reviewers: #krita, scottpetrovic
Differential Revision:
commit 4a1b6717835a38a371afc799f9390e5e7e58d310
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Fri May 4 15:16:37 2018 +0300
Fix playback in isolated mode
Since we copy the image into multiple threads while doing
animation cache generation, we should also copy the isolated
root node parameter.
(cherry picked from commit 739536ba847b3b179463e1301833b763a6d0327f)
commit 021558f747ad279137f4827b748166e58b5ad20d
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Fri May 4 14:35:14 2018 +0300
Fix saving animated transparency and filter masks, adjustment layer
In copy-ctor of the node we should also copy all the content channels
this node supports.
(cherry picked from commit 3119ea6932c5f9d866b556666c27545c6d643fec)
commit 18760637769be2b546313c10645f32a1123d3041
Author: Boudewijn Rempt <>
Date: Fri May 4 12:12:43 2018 +0200
Check pointers before dereferencing
(cherry picked from commit b0275f3e0e1e19df0a306fa147f48b7079df92a1)
commit 410d347ccd1cfc61024e98a32cda76e7524c6775
Author: Boudewijn Rempt <>
Date: Thu May 3 15:35:57 2018 +0200
Read multilayer EXR files saved by Nuke
(cherry picked from commit 449a74db909d71eaafadab65f1abc1cc6e819c9c)
commit 2561915e8b6e053119cb39f2703fb5fbf9e6feaf
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Wed May 2 18:34:46 2018 +0300
Fix PVS-Studio warning: overwriting the parameter
The real bug was actually not in the fact that the variable was unused,
but that its usage was different in two (scalar and vector) implementations
of alphadarken compositor.
(cherry picked from commit e443b1a7191157dae1f6234c82704e075bc63213)
commit 8ad1bd2ae42d1b23cf04d74bc28db1ed4e85e979
Author: Boudewijn Rempt <>
Date: Wed May 2 14:41:42 2018 +0200
Revert "Add ability for vanishing point assistants to show and configure radial lines"
This reverts commit ee84fc5adb0e339569dd48b65f43e442c01fa8f7.
commit 4cb08ccfa9caeaaafb7304f6599bd490993e6c57
Author: Boudewijn Rempt <>
Date: Mon Apr 30 14:26:44 2018 +0200
Show the exact bounds in the layer properties dialog
(cherry picked from commit a99fea91085a497692ba176dd7f579c483653005)
(cherry picked from commit cc19890509f8b3fe50953465675851e7a09d8204)
commit ee84fc5adb0e339569dd48b65f43e442c01fa8f7
Author: Scott Petrovic <>
Date: Sun Apr 29 13:06:11 2018 -0500
Add ability for vanishing point assistants to show and configure radial lines
(cherry picked from commit 9c49eff3b14ec64150da011163e390a6253c02d4)
(cherry picked from commit 5c0501ea9f9a3d03a80392633ef1d9a876ff1706)
commit 6c080e287c014779dca0db974f769a53280916db
Author: Boudewijn Rempt <>
Date: Sat Apr 28 13:12:55 2018 +0200
Make the Saturation slider update when picking a color that has Value 100
(cherry picked from commit 2e8cf3911ed8dda1884a9991d77b5474be1ca1ca)
(cherry picked from commit 99ed6c81caa9241adc13f2f292b440ee2991567b)
commit 4544c2f3ed4d192c335379b85b0cacfba2326cf0
Author: Boudewijn Rempt <>
Date: Fri Apr 27 10:49:39 2018 +0200
PSD: convert the image if its colorspace is not supported
We promise we will convert or collapse the image if it contains
an unsupported colorspace on saving.
(cherry picked from commit 1baf0f9cccd7d29706ab9b386496a488efc575e4)
(cherry picked from commit 524d4de31b94ddd5f1bab846e98660f7e9b7295e)
commit f5e4bfad5a103905dcea5c3a1189ac9ed692c24e
Author: Scott Petrovic <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 18:00:50 2018 -0500
set size for a few timeline icons as it is painfully small on Windows
(cherry picked from commit 4832f4da6cbc454c2d703a940e2fd5f17c768346)
(cherry picked from commit 91450b9b1e2326044c0fca1607352e08d27d1dd9)
commit 179d987f083e9d48747e3b6ebbeae4dde5f4b4a3
Author: Scott Petrovic <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 17:51:29 2018 -0500
increase the range for the pixel grid threshold (by request)
(cherry picked from commit c3a2985dd60f7ae369f9d67e453ffaaafaafc828)
(cherry picked from commit 475a645b221dbae49ee845d2b4c4c19e15569c5d)
commit 8c70ffd1ab3520527251062d3acc4480ba079f7d
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 20:51:47 2018 +0300
Fix PVS-Studio warning: fix Hairy Brush ink opacity depletion
(cherry picked from commit 84089c1e79d253500167d7e37ece7ee89889ca23)
(cherry picked from commit 290e94486bc381f0cac74cdbe9b3c2a38c69c642)
commit 092c2fbeb5336278a3246c9caf0362b3665220bf
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 20:26:11 2018 +0300
Fix PVS-Studio warning: naver happening 'if' condition
(cherry picked from commit df92768617243f78c08c681e0bb08c66db9de1f8)
(cherry picked from commit 3037e8d4a5fa76cec32400f67ba19f403d9112d3)
commit c4a9acd24f1db7186548bab168b0abdc20d125b5
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 20:22:57 2018 +0300
Fix PVS-Studio warning: misprint in KisPressureSizeOption::lodLimitations()
(cherry picked from commit 9790c311ed0da5af6077ead5b4fb1165011aee2d)
(cherry picked from commit 634b2f9da8b4e6eae69a84708392f5cba8a3a508)
commit 41a1b4b9670450bc404512861508eb38b158f8ce
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 20:13:12 2018 +0300
Fix PVS-Studio warning: the loop iterates only once
I don't know why it happened so, but it seems it is just a result
of the fork of KDE's code
(cherry picked from commit 2102af05a2c1b05b6ca9e67f9209c7e21502c600)
(cherry picked from commit 26eef9065fa82ef2be34fb9c0a95062508aedf41)
commit 4ba5ca4eeaab9c44856790ae257b923a9ff70cfd
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 20:11:21 2018 +0300
Fix PVS-Studio warning: loop is actually infinite
Well, it seems like the loop should be infinite by design,
though I'm not very sure :)
Since this code is abandoned and not used in Krita atm,
I just added a todo.
(cherry picked from commit f912a10eda97ef6a6564db4db1991a3efbf879f4)
(cherry picked from commit c2d5a2a0ed4a5302205635dd6eca15fde4f3c2db)
commit 9c16ca110fc9ee6abcd45dbed004ec3a24aba8dd
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 20:06:35 2018 +0300
Fix PVS-Studio warning: uninitialized variables in KisMinHeap
Calling c-tors from other c-tors appeared in C++ much later than
this code has been written :)
(cherry picked from commit 368bd56bfd9341627197180ad277758d2d4ba257)
(cherry picked from commit 7b77cbad1c1e0ed8d47fb81c8b5449837e9877a1)
commit 90b42ce4bd465c67b7c13d65f6a3dd44b8c3ed6a
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 20:04:03 2018 +0300
Fix PVS-Studio warning: html correctness in about dialog
(cherry picked from commit 2993d536bce0e0dffe7aaaa865f21c923e6a6fdb)
(cherry picked from commit d85c28fe7be833f7bf9d2f332a51e5f31862cc31)
commit d8f702a102f9acb1690bed6f908b7d1cf637063d
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 20:03:42 2018 +0300
Fix PVS-Studio warning: parseTagName() should actually return some value
(cherry picked from commit 7bc329344257c71716f95c4dbd85077566a408c0)
(cherry picked from commit fa1b241513542375444539eefb5647dc886f7abe)
commit 60d253b834694eb585421200c867cc80f895b190
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 20:02:54 2018 +0300
Fix PVS-Studio warning: for-each loop should accept a reference to actually do something
(cherry picked from commit 03d026c9179f24acc7c3f3f669bf75480051b3ad)
(cherry picked from commit 18834a3ba524b8526a63e0b98877976c47840e7a)
commit e537b5f6a8aeb4bb9c6014a74c3388b0e9722a7b
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 19:59:29 2018 +0300
Fix PVS-Studio warning: uninitialized variables used in the loop
(cherry picked from commit 9f76caa714c34891b77a277520c78188be10c56d)
(cherry picked from commit 266785dfe95c103cc0ba1cceb3d9dc00d3afdb3d)
commit 860b1e6b22b0efc41cb319246b95e3b25a805fe2
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 19:58:49 2018 +0300
Fix PVS-Studio warning: recover lost 'else' tag in if-else :)
(cherry picked from commit 7ca71b6ec258d05e9a39aa0178d1a503d340164d)
(cherry picked from commit db63da632138fc3eb33611d6ac66ac6fd7f33d61)
commit e59b94ac787e3b303d26bfd88a4d92e2b0199740
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 19:58:10 2018 +0300
Fix PVS-Studio warning: initializing non-POD struct with memset
QVector is not a POD, so we shouldn't try to initialize it with
bruteforce memset.
(cherry picked from commit 1e67dff0b6b14abbbdbf417fb69f914c8d5bd213)
(cherry picked from commit 0188944135a4b982b51902c818469b088c9b0c7f)
commit 4a5c56c34899cc98cdf4fd8a86266d7816bce3fe
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 19:56:41 2018 +0300
Fix PVS-Studio warning: brush spacing should be saved as double, not bool
(cherry picked from commit 45cd5e436c54b1558856509f0c626d652fef9756)
(cherry picked from commit 2b8f9f6daf2f125b98477c93e2ecbff925a6e6e7)
commit efba89b8abbc938178df2eee4a83ccba899a3586
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 19:55:33 2018 +0300
Fix PVS-Studio warning: reword correct but weird code
The patch shouldn't change any behavior, just make the code more logical :)
(cherry picked from commit c68f1701eb341dff0e2db8334ca912ac7c0542ea)
(cherry picked from commit b9431cf492e9692766bb9634b1e023c09fe50f32)
commit 614bd97b93c9fe8602f63ebe9ae53a353ff27a4f
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 19:50:55 2018 +0300
Fix PVS-Studio warning: one more leak in a unittest
(cherry picked from commit 88a77342d300a341f57e2a4a78c877f231c1ba63)
(cherry picked from commit ece3e4439f9052f1d756a57aef62d8a0330d7678)
commit 3c97d1633c8f0578d6df105d7b8df71378826d0f
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 19:45:41 2018 +0300
Fix PVS-Studio warning: reordered function arguments
Just a misprint or copy-paste
(cherry picked from commit 6ed8fb329f8326444d983f5bb79c08bc982ab428)
(cherry picked from commit 42b6c6b50a87d9ff586bdaf5c82d44a97d266805)
commit efbcd85cc932ee5f8bd7af141cf265e343583d7e
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 19:43:34 2018 +0300
Fix PVS-Studio warning: possible memory leaks in production code
Most of the leaks are hardly reproducible in normal circumstances. But
the one in PNG converter is huge. PNG converter also had an invalid null
pointer access, which didn't crash Krita only by a happy coincidence.
(cherry picked from commit 6960317945ed3d44cc5d5ad5c6299d206c52aac6)
(cherry picked from commit 2496b1264b1dd3fe5d2bf3a6e4129053e3672367)
commit a4a0eef07f3256a9f9c347a3d21426da257c9975
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 19:36:07 2018 +0300
Fix PVS-Studio warning: implicit int->qreal conversions cause precision loss
V601: The bool type is implicitly cast to the integer type
V636: Expression was implicitly cast from 'int' type to 'double' type
(cherry picked from commit ed51df9bc022a95250e3d2a084d88589b18e0d35)
commit ea406629fcbfddadf560bc5ae1f5b51825d929be
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 19:25:04 2018 +0300
Fix PVS-Studio warning: memory leaks in unittests
V773 The function was exited without releasing the pointer.
A memory leak is possible.
(cherry picked from commit 3ec75b535e65a286ef8f09369121c4cecfb3e607)
commit 1dba3bba6960524e1c84677636f8eef459819814
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Wed Apr 25 16:13:32 2018 +0300
Fix PVS Studio warning: avoid non-used return value warning in benchmarks
V530 The return value of function 'atan2' is required to be utilized.
V530 The return value of function 'drand48' is required to be utilized.
(cherry picked from commit 6585c96eff6169884d07f3ef36de0d20480a57df)
commit d74b8947c0a25d0e79e7b1906af5ac90ebb425c8
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Wed Apr 25 15:34:42 2018 +0300
Change if's in KisNode::add() to asserts to avoid silent failures
(cherry picked from commit dbc52e0fc10dd3406dada1812d5904151fb194a8)
commit 6a98d072fbef812c54655dfbb1d8ffd31923307f
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Wed Apr 25 15:32:09 2018 +0300
Fix a crash when duplicating active global selection masks
The problem was in the fact that KisGroupLayer::allowAsChild()
forbade adding the second active mask to the same layer, letting
the code silently continue without knowing that the mask was not
created. In this patch we manually deactivate all the active masks
before duplication process.
(cherry picked from commit 3ef241fbe5eaec159300dc28ce6e5b89fb7bffa6)
commit 3992e4c4c241d65f7558107b8fff25c8f6b892d2
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Tue Apr 24 17:20:50 2018 +0300
Fix "Break at segment" to work correctly with closed paths
(cherry picked from commit e740cd96f5d834e6fe3f9ae0ab340bd7251f3bae)
commit ba377491cdd4bc825de07035f7ed2e0a05545c84
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Tue Apr 24 16:10:37 2018 +0300
Fix crashes on undo/redo of vector path points operations
1) KoPathToolSelection keeps pointers to the shapes and its path points,
therefore it should subscribe to the updates on the shapes and their
points (using ShapeChangeListener framework).
2) The patch also fixes a lot of bugs in "Join by segment" and
"Merge points", which should behave correctly now.
3) The patch also partially implements "keep path point selection"
idea, which selects newly created point after each operation. The
stuff is achieved using KoPathShape::PointSelectionChangeListener
(cherry picked from commit f919e7f2dbed028e8fdae89b58ed6f5af26760db)
commit f8556aa89078a5e20840eaab0fdf91b350d37e53
Author: Scott Petrovic <>
Date: Fri Apr 20 21:11:42 2018 -0500
BUG:393353 Fix crash when deleting palette
(cherry picked from commit e06636540f9fdd79a80b5a9bc24e7752b29e19e4)
commit 29df640252a5efb1329694379980fad39d5872fd
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Wed Apr 18 23:24:59 2018 +0300
Fix crash when resizing the Tool Options for the shape selection tool
KoFillConfigWidget should update visibility of the widgets
explicitly in KoFillConfigWidget::activate() to ensure the widgets
are really hidden (since recently shapeChanged() can skip the
update if the mode hasn't changed)
(cherry picked from commit 1ce1fc9276ca9dd95eedf6c6fe4a4888d6f63a4c)
commit 93e1e39386eae6b23b390ab7c3034c83f864a7ec
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Wed Apr 18 17:27:10 2018 +0300
Disable right-clicking on popup palette
With this patch it is not possible to select a palette item
using the right-click of the stylus. All the distinct actions
should be confirmed with the left button. Right-click on any part
of the canvas just closes the entire palette.
(cherry picked from commit 20c9efffb70cf2757595fee8d7c56a5fe59d5664)
commit d1b5ba69b21282b7e7ab8063f98d4dc1b7df28f7
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Wed Apr 18 14:17:44 2018 +0300
Don't let color label widget to mess up labels when right button is pressed
(cherry picked from commit 813b2c19ec855066222bebad623e048baaa1cdf7)
commit b993d939bcc7e2550275f021936ad03c346640b3
Author: Emmet O'Neill <>
Date: Wed Apr 18 11:50:54 2018 +0300
Futher Fixed Bug 391921 - Canvas position popping after pop-up palette rotation reset.
A couple weeks ago Dmitry fixed a bug to do with the canvas "popping/jumping" when panning just after using the pop-up palette to rotate.
Someone (Piotr) mentioned that the bug was still present when the canvas rotation was reset, so I quickly piggy-backed off Dmitry's prior fix and fixed the rotation the same way (by using the canvas controller's rotation function there too).
While in that code I spent a few minutes cleaning up some unused #includes (there are probably some others in the header that could be swapped for forward declarations), whitespace inconsistencies, and other boring code style stuff. (Also, please let me know if doing this type of cleanup is more annoying than helpful!)
Test Plan: Try panning the canvas immediately after rotating and/or resetting the canvas rotation using the cool little slider in the pop-up palette. It should be relatively smooth!
Reviewers: #krita, dkazakov, rempt
Reviewed By: #krita, dkazakov
Subscribers: woltherav, #krita
Tags: #krita
Differential Revision:
(cherry picked from commit bd4b40d7133aecc8f5abd783bbcb047687355754)
commit 3cdbd97f494bca91e80dea65fd3ef4f99dc4f38d
Author: Seoras Macdonald <>
Date: Wed Apr 18 11:46:35 2018 +0300
Change the behaviour of the add layer button
In the layers docker, if more than 1 layer is selected, then
the add layer button now creates a quick group for the selected
BUG: 385050
Reviewers: #krita, rempt
Reviewed By: #krita, rempt
Subscribers: alvinhochun, woltherav
Tags: #krita
Differential Revision:
(cherry picked from commit 77d75e3d811add37b909683d61ad8e779f8524e1)
commit a45a0638dba4478389783ef3242a9be5c8ebc282
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Wed Apr 18 11:44:37 2018 +0300
Clicking outside preview box moves view to that point
Clicking outside of the preview box in the overview docker now moves the view of the canvas to be centered at that point.
BUG: 384687
Patch by Seoras Macdonald
Reviewers: #krita, dkazakov
Reviewed By: #krita, dkazakov
Subscribers: dkazakov, emmetoneill
Differential Revision:
(cherry picked from commit 0eb11f4eaf8439a675fa41a08d62fc5c75fbba8c)
commit 7caa9c8db59df71e805320689df6835473507eec
Author: Scott Petrovic <>
Date: Mon Apr 16 17:27:55 2018 -0500
Make strength and opacity sliders from 0 to 100 percent in brush editor
(cherry picked from commit bc9015b0e24d3df644ab06b395fcf55530a86782)
commit 8fc6453a1f6b0dee4f824040732377300dc020f8
Author: Scott Petrovic <>
Date: Mon Apr 16 12:20:59 2018 -0500
BUG:392526 only allow isometric grid with OpenGL enabled
(cherry picked from commit 9cb343e72130a4f27d14eaa38a97b068f972d299)
commit c4740297fdf6ef5e5f8ea670098d69b9aaf1cd0d
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Mon Apr 16 16:39:52 2018 +0300
Implement double Esc key press shortcut for canceling continued transform mode
Now if you start a continued transform mode in the transform tool,
you have two options:
1) Press Esc key once to reset the transformation to non-transformed
2) Press Esc key twice to cancel changing the continued transformation
(cherry picked from commit 59ffe8bf10c618e35632b466a34578fee79ca78b)
commit 464cdc738890e8ed6bdf2c0519a3781535a8978a
Author: Alvin Wong <>
Date: Mon Apr 16 20:25:53 2018 +0800
Enable WinInk or prompt if WinTab cannot be loaded
(cherry picked from commit 318837f7abaadfdff569a40873517afcb47c8ae4)
commit 6b47afc26da895f4037baba3b30a15315021d4b2
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Mon Apr 16 12:23:30 2018 +0300
Don't let autosave close currently running actions
The user might work with the current filters or something. We
shouldn't disturb his actions right in the middle of the oparation.
(cherry picked from commit 88a65de6bdcd1e4f3772c177c0226492e82edba2)
commit 83fef1b0aafc346f105465c2e6d793a9fb869f69
Author: Scott Petrovic <>
Date: Sat Apr 14 17:25:25 2018 -0500
Display flow and opacity as percentage instead of zero to one on toolbar
(cherry picked from commit cd7ce2bb2d1c8ed99ee777bfe83f8ef63232225f)
commit a4df42f88c2e9dd01e83110270ba5bfdf939d408
Author: Dmitry Kazakov <>
Date: Fri Apr 13 14:37:50 2018 +0300
Fix copy-pasting pixel data from animated layers
Now when you copy-paste animated frame data, it is pasted into
exactly the same time range position. It means that if you later
merge down this data back to the original layer, you will not get
a data loss. The data will be merged exactly into the position where
it has been taken from.
(cherry picked from commit 39ec1d47a59425969814dc840209ec2433bdd133)
commit b832b5f508c6f2378e47732f7615bd13fa41a48d
Author: Boudewijn Rempt <>
Date: Wed Apr 11 19:25:46 2018 +0200
Fix build on ARM (partly)
(cherry picked from commit 39e28e703aa8144c403c1ee53afc47c0121908c1)
(cherry picked from commit 55e1d8deaf98721ed3fdaf72e4a6f942ea5b93a7)
commit 8a6e1ce905ff2f15fd245b158b231ec5ab5254da
Author: l10n daemon script <>
Date: Wed May 2 07:39:26 2018 +0200
SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always resolve ours
In case of conflict in i18n, keep the version of the branch "ours"
To resolve a particular conflict, "git checkout --ours path/to/file.desktop"
commit 72065046c44d294f21998476371311c2cc1093d5
Author: l10n daemon script <>
Date: Thu Apr 19 07:07:37 2018 +0200
SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always resolve ours
In case of conflict in i18n, keep the version of the branch "ours"
To resolve a particular conflict, "git checkout --ours path/to/file.desktop"
commit 225cf10f1fa41624bbf4281010fc69500fff47d2
Author: l10n daemon script <>
Date: Thu Apr 19 06:00:56 2018 +0200
GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
commit a5c3f39157f9d837d631128f52ac5944e26b9400
Author: Alvin Wong <>
Date: Sat Apr 14 15:05:46 2018 +0800
Win: Fix the Qt patch for QSaveFile
Fix the patch added in e3c358a9b0ff0286f122b3e9a542d82d5448362e
CCBUG: 392408
(cherry picked from commit 5f6e9e9eac42163f045c8edf9ff09ebf17e7181d)
commit 572348686b82424b5b70b2a3a75062e430e1e972
Author: Boudewijn Rempt <>
Date: Wed Mar 28 10:37:29 2018 +0200
Win: Patch Qt to fix QSaveFile locking with Dropbox
Add patch for
CCBUG: 392408
(cherry picked from commit e3c358a9b0ff0286f122b3e9a542d82d5448362e)
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