Blurry container under sddm-greeter and kscreenlocker layouts

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Hi folks! Default Breeze theme looks nice with default background color but when you set custom wallpaper text and buttons on lockscreen and sddm greeter are mixed with it. So here I have some patches to add vertical blurry rectangle to make these screens more readable and modern regardless of background type. sddm-greeter screenshot below is what I aim to achieve. Can't find background object in kscreenlocker QML so no effects for now. Any help with this is very welcome.

Here's the source code:

droserasprout created Blurry container under sddm-greeter and kscreenlocker layouts.Apr 26 2017, 10:32 AM
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a quick and dirty proofof concept of a lockscreen + slideshow

Wow, you know where's the kscreenlocker's background, thanks for your participation! But my point is that edge-to-edge bar looks more modern and don't give you this kinda xscreensaver feeling.

Icon of selected user must be large, and the icons of other users are smaller, so it will be more beautiful and understandable.