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Ok so the goal of this project is to try to "Kirigami-fy" Kamoso and use as many native or preexisting things as possible to make the transition as smooth as possible. No added features just a redesign of them.

These are early bird versions - so remember that icons are missing, colours are way off, and the goal is to find some kind of placement for different bits of Kamoso

jensreuterberg created Kamoso Mockup - early Kirigamification.Feb 23 2017, 5:07 PM
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I honestly think that the "hack" of Kirigami guidelines went a bit too far: the global drawer is for global actions, and it was not intended to gather widgets like those.
In general:
Global drawers: global actions
Pages: every kind of items
Context drawer: actions on one or more items.

For Kamoso the Kirigami UI would be as follow:
main page with recent shots, with a FAB buttons to take a new one. When you push the FAB a new page is opened with the video-input from the webcam and a new FAB to take the photo. When the photo is taken it appers in the first page with the others.
If you tap on a taken photo in the list a new page is opened with that photo and the context menu has options for that photo.
The global drawer is always the same and has actions that have sense in every moment, like "open Settings page".

Please if it's not clear what I mean just ask and I will provide a mockup :-)

Edit here there is my mockup: M94