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So made a vector image of Konqi driving a trabant. Mostly because all land marks are sort of... well boring, and the ampelmann illustrations too touristy (according to the Germans)

The idea being that the Trabant is the best suggestion for a Berlin symbol and its old, has a K logo and Konqi driving. So my suggestion is to scrap text entirely on it and just make the car pretty big,.

The upside is that its a totally cleaned out, two colour vector image, meaning it can be printed in a huge huge size and it has no fiddly bits, no large amounts of colour either...

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duffus added a comment.EditedJun 13 2016, 3:47 PM

Cool I love it. Really fits the brief, great work

Some people do however really like the year and location so I think it would be worthwhile including it on the sleeve in a subtle colour (probably grey). No need to add it to your actual design as I agree that would spoil it, which is why I think the sleeve print is a good compromise?

Ok will text be printed by using a simple text editing thing at the printers or should I make a small "Akademy - berlin 2016" thing?

Also I wanna strike a blow for roomier T-shirts (more open collars and arms) as every year the T-shirt models seem made to strangle me. :)

I'll sort out the text with the printer, thanks.

If that is the finished design could I get an SVG please and I'll start talking to the printer?

Yeah it seems that the material in the collars seems to shrink more than the rest of the t-shirts some times I'll see if I can find something better available.