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Note: functionality list is in T13338.

Missing functionality now:

  • open resource folder
  • delete backup files
  • possible: show dependant resources (both actually saved inside, like patterns in presets, and external, like brush tips for presets)
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For the tabs, I'd say "Details" and "Activate Resources" are better titles; I'd switch the tabs, too. Maybe even make the details pane a popup accessible from the activate/deactivate pane.

tymond added inline comment(s).Jun 29 2020, 12:00 PM
Inline Comments

I am wondering whether it should be a checkbox like here, or better a combobox with those choices:

  • All
  • Only active resources
  • Only deleted resources

It should support multiple selection, unlike other ResourceItemChoosers.

I wonder what widget would be best here? I would like to have here a very clear and easy to use way to add and delete tags from the resource.
I thought about a combobox with items with checkboxes, but... it's quite difficult to do in Qt, for some reason. And it might not be that easy or clear as I thought.

tymond added inline comment(s).Jun 29 2020, 12:14 PM
Inline Comments

Missing functionality:

  • open resource folder
  • delete backup files

Possible missing functionality:

  • show resources that this resource depends on (and whether it's embedded or not)
  • show resources that depend on this resource

With QStandardItemModel it's pretty easy to add checkboxes to the items in a combobox, but whether that's the best idea... Maybe we can be consistent and use the standard tag/untag gui from the item choosers?

Also, maybe we can get rid of the tabs completely and make the right-hand view aware of whether one or more than one resource is selected and change accordingly.

The right-click menu for tagging and untagging will be available, of course, I just thought it would be nice to have an easier method to do so (right-click and then choosing etc. etc. doesn't seem so accessible). If right-click menu is enough, I can change this widget to just a label with a list of tags that this resource has (the same you get when you hover over the item on the item chooser).

Regarding tabs, yes, I agree. I guess my brain assumed it was necessarily because of historical reasons (aka old mockup), but it's not longer the case.

For the left side I'm going to reuse ResourceItemChooser (so you can expect all the comboboxes and checkboxes the default resource item has, I just don't have all icons in my library yet), but there will be some technical obstacles.

rempt added a comment.Jun 29 2020, 1:00 PM

okay, sounds good.

Scottyp says the right-click menu cannot be all we have there, so the mockup version of the multiple resources selected still stands.

The proposed interface looks good. The only thing I don't like is the usage of a combo-box for tagging. In majority of GUIs, including Krita ones, tags are managed with a simple line-edit, where the user types the tags and they appear as typing-suggestions. I guess KF5 even has a special GUI control for that. Though I'm not sure if we can use that.

Inline Comments

I have a feeling that all three controls can be replaced with a single line-edit. Or a line-edit + three buttons ("add", "remove", "replace").

I don't understand why this manual switch is needed. As soon as the user select multiple resources with Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click the widget can automatically switch into "Multiple resources mode". Like "Layer Properties" dialog. Why this switch is needed?

The standard way to show/modify tags is to use a line-edit textbox. I'm not sure a drop-down is a good idea here.

I think a simple checkbox for "show deleted resources" should be enough. You might also try to add a button "Delete all deleted resources" near that, which is activated only when the checkbox is active.

I'm not sure that a compo-box for tags is a good idea.

Btw, we have a set of classes that handle multiselection editing. They are stored in kis_multinode_property.cpp.