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Makes the panel right click context menu easier to understand, more beautiful and finding options is easier too.
The "Unlock Widgets" and "Lock Widgets" buttons should also be changed to "Unlock Panels and Widgets" and "Lock Panels and Widgets" in my opinion, to make it easier to find.

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Your proposed "Application Launcher Settings" Needs to stay as it is ("Configure Application Launcher") for consistency and HIG adherence. Also, "Alternative Widgets" needs to start with an action verb. Maybe "Show Alternative Widgets" or "Switch to an Alternative" or something like that?

Other than that, looks sane and sensible to me!

One more suggestion! :) Don't change the configure menu item's icon. settings-configure is what it already uses and that's correct.

After you make that change, +1 from me. Of course if we're going to change the Alternatives... text, we should probably do that in a separate patch where we change it everywhere at once to avoid any possible inconsistency.

Compared to the current one, I notice that Add Widgets... and Configure Pane...l are missing. Is this intentional?

GB_2 added a comment.Dec 15 2018, 4:37 PM

I didn't include "Add Widgets" on purpose, because imo it only makes sense to add widgets when you're editing the panel and you can add widgets from there.
"Configure Panel" and "Edit Panel" do the same thing.

Before we proceed, it might make sense to define or redefine our conceptual model.

Something that was brought up in the VDG chat the other way was that we have a somewhat musst and confusing multi-mode operation:

  • Edit mode: Specifically for changing things; everything is editable
  • Locked mode: Panels and widgets not editable (but widgets can be configured)
  • Unlocked mode: A weird hybrid of the two: some things ere editable but some things are not

Whether or not this is desirable, or if anything needs to change, would be things we should discuss first. Can you create a new Phab task for the discussion so we can make sure we're all on the same page?

rooty added a subscriber: rooty.Jan 4 2019, 12:02 AM

I like the idea but how do you feel about listing them as:

Edit Applications
Configure Application Launcher...
Show Alternative Widgets...
Add Panel
Edit Panel
Lock Panels and Widgets

GB_2 added a comment.Jan 4 2019, 12:04 AM

Yes, would be better.

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Clean up menu, idea from T10190

Add back "Configure [Widget Name]..." menu entry