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A redesign of the current USB creator for neon (based on Rosa USB creator) and edited based on feedback in VDG Telegram/IRC channel - core notion is to simplify the process by making it an easy 1-2-3 action. Pick ISO, pick USB, then write to drive.

sitter added inline comment(s).Oct 25 2017, 12:52 PM
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There once was an argument raised that accepting labels should be communicating what happens so this probably would read "Write to Drive" whereas the no button should be "Abort" or "Cancel". No clue if that actually got into the KDE HIG tho.

That should look like the standard plasma spinner I suppose?

@jriddell That is a bit tricky, I don't think we have the plasma busy indicator as a qwidget anymore. So you'd have to use KPixmapSequence which I think won't work with the svg which contains the actual plasma spinner. So perhaps the way to go is redoing the UI in qml? No clue how much work that is, but it would give the most visual consistency with Plasma. Kind of entirely dependent of how well backend code is separated from frontend code as doing this UI in qml is easy so long as the backend is easily accessible. Alternatively one could put a qmlscene into the qwidgets app and then only render the busy indicator in the scene, which may well be less code albeit a bit meh.

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No no that is just a random place holder @sitter so ignore it for now, as for the "yes I do" etc let me change that properly

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There is ment to be a "no" or similar button here as well as a warning symbol.

Exactly what the wording is in this part isn't clear. The idea is to make the "sentence" of the application natural and understandable.

This is in a really good place now I think. @jriddell thoughts?

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Is there a reason this is a popup? The more I look at it the more I think this would be more visually pleasing as a step in a wizard.

Select ISO and Drive -> click 'create' -> window changes to inform you that this is destructive -> click 'write' or 'cancel' -> window changes to either progress view or back to iso and drive selection.

Granted I might just be thinking this now because the pictures show the the entire progress all at once which changes perception. Also, as I am writing this I do wonder if we want the "interruption" a popup window causes here. This is some serious decision the user needs to make here.

It would be interesting to add: will check it out and do a mockup of it.

I love this. Very nice.

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