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OpenGL / ANGLE config options

This is for T6728

alvinhochun created OpenGL / ANGLE config changes.Aug 28 2017, 5:32 PM
alvinhochun updated the mock's description. (Show Details)Aug 28 2017, 5:35 PM

nice work @alvinhochun !

My minor UI suggestions...

should we change the "OpenGL" group label to something else? Maybe "Graphics Acceleration". OpenGL might not even apply to the settings below depending on the system.

For the Renderer options, maybe we can simplify it. The first option would be the default, but we don't have to say "default".

Auto [insert renderer name of Qt's choice]
OpenGL (native)
Direct 3D (ANGLE)

Other than that, it looks great!

"Graphics Acceleration" would be a bit unclear (but so is "OpenGL", tbh).

(And on Linux, using OpenGL could mean a software renderer with Mesa (it's possible even on Windows, but I doubt anyone would really install something like this unintentionally, except for VMWare guest OSes).)

The reason to keeping "OpenGL" is because "disable OpenGL" is what we had always been telling people to do...

I have another idea which does not use a checkbox for the group box but instead adds a "QPainter-based software rendering" (wording not final) option to the combo box, and the title of the group box can be changed to something like "Canvas Rendering".

I still need to work out how to filter the options based on what the system supports (e.g. disable "Native OpenGL" if driver not found). I'll need to list the possible situations and then make another mockup.

We don't have to use "Graphics Acceleration", but it is more correct than leaving it as "OpenGL". If there is a better option and more clear label, we can certainly use that.

The idea with changing OpenGL checkbox label is because adding this feature changes the scope of what this area does. This application is constantly changing so I wouldn't be concerned with what it is currently called. Adding this ANGLE functionality is changing what it does, so it makes sense to also update the label to reflect that.

How about this:

Group Label: "Canvas Graphics Acceleration"
Renderer combo box:

  • Auto ([insert renderer name of Qt's choice])
  • OpenGL
  • Direct3D 11 via ANGLE

On Linux, the renderer combo box will be set to "OpenGL" and greyed out (unchangeable)