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remove entities kmouth, kappname, package, either defined in kdoctools or unused in kf5
bump date + releaseinfo
update + proofread
remove jovie - bye you served us well ;-)
comment for now appendix tts - completely outdated :-( I need input/ifos from whiting gladhorn
remove appendix installation
remove chapter faq

I tested kmouth in neon devedition unstable and got it to work :-(

in neon-devedition-unstable i have a male speaker in english
how do I change speaker and language?

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checkXML5 index.docbook

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Is this really true?

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Looks good to me. Thank you for taking this on.


Yep, if Use default speech system is set the synthesizer and other options are completely ignored. At some point (probably sooner than later) I'll put together a kcm for speech-dispatcher to configure it from systemsettings5, for now spd-conf command-line utility is the most user-friendly way to set speech-dispatcher options on linux though.

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add info about settings for speech system using spd-conf

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Looks good to me except for the flite bits. I'll go remind my self how to tell QtSpeech to use the flite backend/plugin, but it's definitely optional.


I guess I misled you about how this works. flite is not required for speech synthesis with QtSpeech to work.

QtSpeech has 2 plugins on linux, speech-dispatcher is the default, but there's also a flite plugin that uses flite directly. (Flite can also be used via speech-dispatcher, which makes it more confusing imo, but that's another story). So to use QtSpeech you just need qtspeech and speech-dispatcher and one of the speech-dispatcher modules. All distributions I have checked install one of the speech-dispatcher modules when you install speech dispatcher, iirc most use espeak, but there are many.

&tldr; flite packages listed here are optional, not required and wont be used unless QtSpeech is configured to use the flite plugin instead of the default speech-dispatcher plugin.

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update info wrt system speech service thanks to the info provided by Jeremy

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Looks good to me. thanks again.

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