Use material icons in MPRIS activity

Authored by mtijink on Nov 22 2017, 5:39 PM.



The previous icons were old (pre-Material, maybe even pre-Holo). The recommended practice now is to add the icons directly to your app, so I added the material icons. Note that the vector version is used; these are automatically converted to bitmaps for older android versions.

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+1 for these reviews it's usually better to send a picture to see what it looks like.

Good point. Before:


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Resolved conflicts because of D8942

Any further comments? If not, can somebody merge this?

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Don't you need to add some additional gradle step for vector icons to be converted to bitmaps? Is that the default behaviour? I just want to be sure we won't break the app on old devices :)

It's the default behaviour (see

To be sure, I checked the generated APK, and it does contain the raster images.

Thanks Matthijs!