Add a splash screen to Marble Maps

Authored by sanjibanb on Sep 13 2017, 4:59 PM.


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sanjibanb created this revision.Sep 13 2017, 4:59 PM
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Can you add a screenshot of what this looks like, maybe?

Not the best splash screen I'd say. I'm just showing a small marble logo on a white background. Feel free to recommend better designs, if possible?

rahn added a subscriber: rahn.Sep 14 2017, 5:03 PM

I think that displaying the Marble logo is fine - which version are you using currently? 128x128? What would be suitable for most devices? 256x256?

rahn added a comment.Sep 14 2017, 5:04 PM

Looks nice indeed - but the logo should be bigger.

sanjibanb updated this revision to Diff 19557.Sep 15 2017, 11:13 AM

Increased the size of Marble logo in the splash screen to 256x256

Screenshot of the current splash screen

ngraham requested changes to this revision.Sep 15 2017, 2:04 PM

The size is much better, but now it's rather blurry. Is there a high-res icon we can use instead?

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Sep 15 2017, 2:04 PM

Looks like the highest resolution of the Marble logo that we have at the moment is 192 x 192: . We can reduce the size to 192x192 to get rid of the blur, in which case it would look something like this.

Looks good?

That still looks blurry to me, though it's not your fault. The source 192x192 image itself looks blurry, as if it's been scaled up. Shame we don't have a better icon, or it's not an SVG. If you can change the size of the icon to the point where it doesn't look blurry, I'll approve it.

In the meantime, it would be nice to get a bug report going to improve the icon itself.

Looks to me too that the logo has been scaled up. However, the blur becomes quite negligible if I show just 150x150 imo.

I think we should be okay with the above.

Or if that one still seems too blurred, we can bring it down even more to 100x100 if absolutely necessary (but then the image might look too small).

I rather prefer 100x100 since it looks nice and sharp, but would accept 150x150 if other folks think it's okay.

I also think we need to work on the icon, which would prevent this problem.

Splash screen of Google Maps looks something like this:

sanjibanb updated this revision to Diff 19566.Sep 15 2017, 4:06 PM
sanjibanb edited edge metadata.

Updating diff so that it shows 100x100 icon now, to get rid of the blur.

ngraham accepted this revision.Sep 15 2017, 4:15 PM


This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Sep 15 2017, 4:15 PM
rahn added a comment.Sep 15 2017, 4:23 PM

Guys, we DO have an SVG as a source file. That's why I asked for the preferred resolution in the first place!

We could either render the SVG directly or use a 256x256 version - whatever works better.

@sanjibanb, can you update the new splash screen to use the SVG that Torsten is referring to?

rahn added a comment.Sep 15 2017, 4:27 PM

I've just submitted the 256x256 version of the png to master ...

[18:27:06] <pursuivant> marble (master) v17.08.1-55-gc4e30984a * Torsten Rahn: data/icons/256-apps-marble.png
[18:27:07] <pursuivant> Adding 256x256 version for the splash screen.

rahn added a comment.Sep 15 2017, 4:28 PM

... or use the SVG - whatever works better technically (I guess the PNG would be loaded faster on slower devices).

sanjibanb reopened this revision.Sep 15 2017, 4:41 PM

I'll update the diff in a few hours.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Sep 15 2017, 4:41 PM

Added the 256x256 version of the png that was submitted to master a while back. Doesn't make a difference from earlier wrt the blur.

Does the SVG version look any better?

I'm not sure if something.svg can be added to the splash.xml file as drawable/something, because I tried it, and the screen shows blank without any photo in the splash screen.

rahn added a comment.Sep 16 2017, 8:35 AM

The 256x256 version surely looks better than that:

Could it be that you forgot to adjust the line <item android:width="100dp" android:height="100dp" android:gravity="center"> ?

rahn added a comment.Sep 16 2017, 8:48 AM

To me it looks like the 256x256 version got scaled down to 100x100 and then got scaled up again.

So something in your code might be faulty. If we don't make use of the alpha channel inside the PNG then using a JPG with low compression (and high quality) might drain less I/O during loading - but that's something we can investigate later on.

I had adjusted the values to 256 in that line previously as well, and it was showing the icon in that manner. However, I just did a clean build again from scratch, and the icon looks good now. Maybe earlier it was using cached image from before somehow.

sanjibanb updated this revision to Diff 19651.Sep 18 2017, 5:31 PM

Did a clean build after removing the existing build and export folder and recreating them.

Lovely, much better.

sanjibanb updated this revision to Diff 19652.Sep 18 2017, 5:32 PM

Should I push these changes to master in a different commit now?

Note: The changes showing in the latest diff here does not include the previous changes, but only show the changes that have been made on top of the already committed changes.

I approve, FWIW.