Add nightly for experimental Konversation Qt Quick branch

Authored by hein on Sat, Sep 2, 5:45 AM.



I'd like to add Konversation's wip/qtquick branch to the Flatpak
repo for collaboration with designers.

This is my attempt at a recipe. I'm not sure if this is an
appropriate way to do it. I also don't know if conflicting
files are an issue, or how Discover would handle the two
packages co-existing considering they have the same .desktop
file and appstream data.

Hoping for feedback.

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R256 Flatpak packaging for KDE Applications
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hein added a comment.Sat, Sep 2, 5:46 AM

Note: I need a debugfull build because the --nui CLI arg (that bypasses the single-instance application mechanic and allows running multiple Konversation instances) is only available in debug builds.

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From I'm not 100% sure
the top-level branch applies to the git module source, so specify
for good measure.

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Add Kirigami master ala Klimbgrades' recipe.

apol accepted this revision.Mon, Sep 4, 11:09 AM

Yes, default branch is master.

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hein added a comment.Mon, Sep 4, 11:11 AM

Should I add it to top-level then instead of todo/? Does anything else need to be done after or will it start generating packages and putting them into the repo at next run?

apol requested changes to this revision.Mon, Sep 4, 11:16 AM

Put it in the root, todo/ stuff isn't built, it's for things that don't build.

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hein added a comment.Tue, Sep 5, 7:33 AM

Both this and org.kde.klimbgrades are currently failing because they pull in Kirigami master which needs KF5 5.38. How should we proceed to fix this?