Introduce IFilterStrategy::progressInLine [1/3]

Authored by kfunk on Jan 8 2016, 1:34 AM.



Makes it possible for filtering strategies to parse a line and report
progress if the line contains progress information.

Example make output:

[  5%] Building foo
[  6%] Building bar

A special make job filtering strategy can then parse the output and
report progress. The core idea is that this parsing is done in a
separate thread, like all the output filters do.

The progress information is also passed on to OutputExecuteJob which
emits the progress via KJob API.

Filter strategy implementations for Make & Ninja in kdevelop will follow.

Revert "Mark IFilterStrategy implementations final." [2/3]

Required for upcoming feature

This reverts commit cf8a46a637f87f78cc42518f3cc8e04155650caf.

OutputModel: Allow to set IFilterStrategy pointer [3/3]

This is crucial to allow custom filtering strategies to be set on the
output model.

Let's keep the old API (which selects the filter strategy based on enum)
intact for now.

Also install outputfilteringstrategies.h, to be able to subclass from
the standard output filtering strategies.

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Looks really good! Kudos! :D

How about adding a test?

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float percent?

also save a few chars via

const QString& status = {}
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how do you differentiate between invalid and valid progress? 0% can be valid, no?

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scoped ptr + reset?


now ots public api you must use the real export macro


please do

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Addressed most concerns

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Please check.

No unit test yet, it's quite pointless to add one in test_filterstrategies for progressInLine... (would just test a function return a struct)

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a few minor things, then it lgtm

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with the above, you can still return {} here then.

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int percent = -1;

i.e. default construct it right here.


keep this template here and use it in this file. that way, we can still have the simple data here in RO memory.

for the outside, feel free to offer a public QVector match function or similar (too bad we don't have array_view yet), and then call this template internally.


revert this, see above

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