Fix Ctrl PageUp/PageDown shortcut conflict due to KF 5.37.

Authored by dfaure on Aug 23 2017, 10:05 PM.



We stick to Ctrl+[ Ctrl+] in kate for switching tabs,
and preserve the "move to {top,bottom} of view" for Ctrl+{PgUp,PgDown}

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Yeah, we want to keep that ;=)

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Isn't this an issue also in Kile, KDevelop, in general all apps using KTextEditor that use tabPrev/tabNext? Did anyone investigate?

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Also, can you add "BUG: 383721" to the Details?

If this new tab switching shortcut conflicts with one used in a number of KDE apps, maybe we should reconsider the ctrl+pgup/pgdn shortcut for tab switching, and replace it with ctrl+tab/shift+ctrl+tab instead (which is another very common tab switching keyboard shortcut).

Alternatively, we could consider changing the "move to {top,bottom} of view" KTextEditor shortcuts.

But we should do *something*, or else we're defeating the whole purpose of making the tab switching keyboard shortcut consistent: if after the dust has settled it's not actually consistent because half of the apps already used that shortcut for something else, we haven't really gained anything vs the status quo.

dfaure added a comment.EditedAug 29 2017, 11:19 AM

Well, *if*. Let's first find out if this is the case. I'm short for time right now, feel free to investigate if you have time.

I'm afraid Ctrl+Tab will conflict with something else... I thought it was "switch desktop" but that doesn't seem to be set by default anymore. But that only tells me that it was probably removed to leave room for another action instead ;)

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What is the status of this patch?

I still think we should just apply it, even if we change later again the shortcuts, it doesn't hurt and works around the issue for Kate.

I agree, this should go in.

ngraham requested changes to this revision.Feb 13 2018, 10:54 PM

My strong preference would be to change the shortcut in Katepart itself. The value of a systemwide shortcut like go to next/previous tab is diminished if individual apps override it due to conflicts. In these cases, the wiser course of action IMHO is to change the thing that it conflicts with

Think of it this way:

  • If we make Kate deviate from the standard tab-changing shortcuts, we will get a steady stream of bug reports about the inconsistency, forever. I know because Gedit is in exactly this situation.
  • If we change the move to [top,bottom] of view shortcuts in Katepart, we will get bug reports once from the few users who used the old shortcut, and once they have adapted or change the shortcut for themselves, thereafter nobody will ever again complain about anything pertaining to this matter.

Option #2 gives us less work and headache over the long haul, and makes things better for any existing users who don't use the move to [top,bottom] of view shortcuts in Katepart-based apps.

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What shall we do with this?

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My preference remains to change the move to [top,bottom] of view shortcuts in Katepart.

If we want to not use the ctrl+pgup/pgdn shortcuts for tab switching, then we need to move away from them in all KDE apps, not just Kate.

I agree.

Moving to top/bottom of view (rather than entire document) seems like a very advanced shortcut (one that I would never even figure myself).

I'm happy to discard this patch and let someone else figure out better defaults for the top/bottom-of-view shortcuts in kate...

:=) Ok

But as "we are all here" anyways: Any ideas for better shortcuts in KTextEditor?
We have even "ctrl + shift + pageup" to select to top of the view :P

Alt+Home, Alt+End ?

You mean ALT-PgUp/Down, or?
Could live with moving that to ALT and the select to SHIFT-ALT.

dfaure added a comment.EditedApr 13 2019, 9:05 PM

I actually meant Alt+Home/End, because I thought this was "go to beginning/end of view" (idempotent, if you do it twice, the second time it does nothing).

Alt+PgUp/PgDown sounds more like something where doing it multiple times would repeat some up/down action.

Ok, that sounds like a good justification ;=)
Nate, would you be ok with this, too?

Yep, that seems reasonable to me. alt+home/end appear to be unused in katepart at the moment, so let's go for it.

This will fix

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