[akregator part] Make sure part is created before restore window

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This is internal change in Qt 5.9 i think. Call winId before setCentralWidget creates a temporary widget then it owns a setted one.

BUG: 381822
BUG: 378513
BUG: 381825
BUG: 377129

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It's called winId, but part it's not created (it's done here)

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I face the problem, when you start with session restore there is not windowhandle when call here -> https://phabricator.kde.org/source/akregator/browse/master/src/mainwindow.cpp;a03c9d7001bdc92059e8cf02eb6f00b4a8019ee6$123
in kxmlgui https://phabricator.kde.org/source/kxmlgui/browse/master/src/kmainwindow.cpp;af76e8add07ffca2104f4ecb82ded43059e6abfb$666 the window becaume parent of part widget and when it's delete it cause part to delete itself.
akregator --session ~/.config/session/<session-id>

winId() in kxmlgui should not die? David how to fix this issue?

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Now that the Frame is wrapped in QPointer, it should be OK leave the part to auto-delete itself. Otherwise we would be memory-leaking the part?

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Why remove this check? I would assume it's there to prevent re-loading the part if it is already loaded.

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I can't understaind why Qt deletes part' widget (this is only in session restored mode), someone else set a centralWidget ?
Backtrace -> https://paste.kde.org/pzbqweaj3

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It has a check inside loadPart.

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