Implement the new panel icon size ceiling also for Kickoff.

Authored by hein on May 23 2017, 10:25 PM.



It was done for various other applets but not this.


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hein created this revision.May 23 2017, 10:25 PM
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hein added a comment.May 23 2017, 10:26 PM
NOTE: We are tagging 5.10 very soon. If this is accepted (and it should be, as this is the default launcher, and this is a feature we're advertising in the release notes) and I am for some reason unavailable and not doing it, please make sure and take care of pushing this into the 5.10 branch before tagging.

Can you verify that a thick (vertical) panel still gives you an expanded Kickoff? That was the reason I didn't implement this for FolderView.

hein added a comment.May 23 2017, 10:37 PM

It doesn't, and so far the consensus on Plasma when discussing this has been that we care more about fixing the usual vertical panel use case than a Kickoff sidebar. It's probably also good for Latte Dock where they have problems with the parabolic zoom causing repr switches.

broulik accepted this revision.May 23 2017, 10:38 PM

Fine with me, was just wondering.

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hein added a comment.May 23 2017, 10:40 PM

Thx for the accept.

I think it may be possible to write smarter code that does something like "look at the switchWidth/switchHeight, and if without the size limit they would be reached, drop the limit" or something ... and manage the content and the layout sizes indepedently for it. I think we should try to fix this better for 5.11 for sure.

broulik added a comment.EditedMay 23 2017, 10:42 PM

Indeed, might need a concept of some softer limit, so it won't grow the icon (which is what we're trying here) but still has it expand above a given threshold. I don't think Kickoff was that usable (or nice to look at, rather) in a sidebar panel, so fine with me on 5.10.

Btw show desktop (on the default panel setup too I think) and minimize all might also need similar treatment.

hein added a comment.May 23 2017, 10:56 PM

They seem to use the default compact repr and already work.

Trickier question is what to do about Folder View, and also Kimpanel is really broken still and a lot more complex to fix.

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