Fixed off-by-one errors in fft-based cross-correlation computations

Authored by raphaelm on Apr 14 2017, 7:33 PM.



We were writing out-of-bound elements for a few arrays (leftFFT, rightFFT)
because they were smaller than the expectation of the kiss-fft library, and
also using un-initialized memory because of size mismatch of correlatedFFT.

This was leading to the valgrind error below.

Along the way, made sure sure potentially big chunks of memory are allocated on
the heap and not on the stack in fftCorrelation.cpp.

==19613== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
==19613==    at 0x80C6D9: AudioCorrelationInfo::maxIndex() const (in /home/raphael/kdenlive_install/bin/kdenlive)
==19613==    by 0x80ADA9: AudioCorrelation::getShift(int) const (in /home/raphael/kdenlive_install/bin/kdenlive)
==19613==    by 0x80AD34: AudioCorrelation::slotProcessChild(AudioEnvelope*) (in /home/raphael/kdenlive_install/bin/kdenlive)
==19613==    by 0x80C4FE: QtPrivate::FunctorCall<QtPrivate::IndexesList<0>, QtPrivate::List<AudioEnvelope*>, void, void (AudioCorrelation::*)(AudioEnvelope*)>::call(void (AudioCorrelation::*)(AudioEnvelope*), AudioCorrelation*, void**) (in /home/raphael/kdenlive_install/bin/kdenlive)
==19613==    by 0x80C35F: void QtPrivate::FunctionPointer<void (AudioCorrelation::*)(AudioEnvelope*)>::call<QtPrivate::List<AudioEnvelope*>, void>(void (AudioCorrelation::*)(AudioEnvelope*), AudioCorrelation*, void**) (in /home/raphael/kdenlive_install/bin/kdenlive)
==19613==    by 0x80C1B0: QtPrivate::QSlotObject<void (AudioCorrelation::*)(AudioEnvelope*), QtPrivate::List<AudioEnvelope*>, void>::impl(int, QtPrivate::QSlotObjectBase*, QObject*, void**, bool*) (in /home/raphael/kdenlive_install/bin/kdenlive)
==19613==    by 0xE2A4A55: call (qobject_impl.h:101)
==19613==    by 0xE2A4A55: QMetaObject::activate(QObject*, int, int, void**) (qobject.cpp:3723)
==19613==    by 0x9C188E: AudioEnvelope::envelopeReady(AudioEnvelope*) (in /home/raphael/kdenlive_install/bin/kdenlive)
==19613==    by 0x80C88C: AudioEnvelope::AudioEnvelope(QString const&, Mlt::Producer*, int, int, int, int)::{lambda()#1}::operator()() const (in /home/raphael/kdenlive_install/bin/kdenlive)
==19613==    by 0x80DA89: QtPrivate::FunctorCall<QtPrivate::IndexesList<>, QtPrivate::List<>, void, AudioEnvelope::AudioEnvelope(QString const&, Mlt::Producer*, int, int, int, int)::{lambda()#1}>::call({lambda()#1}&, void**) (in /home/raphael/kdenlive_install/bin/kdenlive)
==19613==    by 0x80DA6A: void QtPrivate::Functor<AudioEnvelope::AudioEnvelope(QString const&, Mlt::Producer*, int, int, int, int)::{lambda()#1}, 0>::call<QtPrivate::List<>, void>({lambda()#1}&, void*, {lambda()#1}&*) (in /home/raphael/kdenlive_install/bin/kdenlive)
==19613==    by 0x80DA2F: QtPrivate::QFunctorSlotObject<AudioEnvelope::AudioEnvelope(QString const&, Mlt::Producer*, int, int, int, int)::{lambda()#1}, 0, QtPrivate::List<>, void>::impl(int, QtPrivate::QSlotObjectBase*, QObject*, void**, bool*) (in /home/raphael/kdenlive_install/bin/kdenlive)
Test Plan

Tested that the valgrind error goes away after this change, and manually tested the alignment feature to make sure it continues working as expected.

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