Suppress warning message "No metadata file in the package..." when using desktop slideshow
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Authored by marten on Jan 18 2017, 2:11 PM.


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As described in, this message appears three times every time the slideshow plugin changes the background image. It cannot be disabled via Qt logging rules. Apart from possible interest to package developers this message serves no useful purpose, so suppressing it would avoid clutter in the user's session log.

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Built KPackage with this change, all autotests pass.
Observed correct operation of Plasma desktop and slideshow background, with no log messages.

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A commented out warning doesn't make much sense.
Either it's a valid warning at which point the root cause needs fixing not hiding, or it's wrong and should be removed.

The hard part of doing this change is working out which of those is correct.

Agreed that a decision needs to be made, but I'm not an expert on the KPackage system and so wasn't sure whether the warning may be useful to package developers in some cases - in which case leaving it commented out would make it easier to reinstate than removing it entirely.

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-1 on this..
wallpaper packagestructure is indeed very weird (it makes it so that a simple jpg is considered as a valid package.. is how the model for thumbnails works, which would be a good idea to change a little) , and that's why those warnings

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