Increasing the zoom effect and adding "launcherBounceLevel" config option
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Authored by parsa on Wed, May 20, 3:59 PM.



I want to make the parabolic zoom effect more customizable.And in order to achieve that I had to eliminate a flaw in the bounce animation which relied on "taskItem.parabolic.factor.maxZoom" property for the maximum height (or width ) of the animation.In high zoom levels the launcher icons actually went up so high that had created a not-so-appealing effect.

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parsa created this revision.Wed, May 20, 3:59 PM
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parsa requested review of this revision.Wed, May 20, 3:59 PM
  1. Provide videos with before and after
  2. I dont think I am interested in adding a bounce slider in Tasks for this
  3. You increase the max zoom factor to 500% this is out of scope
  4. I can accept an improvement for bouncing animation but without [2] and [3] and as long as the improvement is not subjective

I am not interested in adding a launcher bounce level slider


how this is relevant to your comments?
you increase the maximum zoom level from 200% to 500%

mvourlakos requested changes to this revision.Wed, May 20, 4:19 PM
  1. this patch only increases the thickness of launcher animation I dont consider this an improvement. This is subjective
This revision now requires changes to proceed.Wed, May 20, 4:19 PM

if you want to increase the bouncing level the right line is at:

you just need to increase the value of 1.65 to something bigger. Otherwise the calculated masks etc. wont be valid, during bouncing some of the top elements will not be drawn at all.

parsa added a comment.Wed, May 20, 4:35 PM

@mvourlakos Yes this is subjective .But it would be left as an option for users who are after a more customizable dock.

Sorry I don't like the idea adding such option.