add Umpqua and Wells Fargo bank icons with ABA routing #s

Authored by spage on May 13 2020, 9:58 PM.



Add these icons to main and US list_bank.txt files.

Test Plan

Run Skrooge, click Accounts, in panel click bank icon popup,
press 'u' or 'w' to scroll nearer to these icons, select the new green or
red new icon, confirm bank name and number appear.

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Works for me, but I have concerns.


I added these icons to this USA file as well but couldn't figure out how to test, I only see the entire list list.


The other bank icons are all 100 pixels in one dimension or another, but I couldn't find one that big. And in the UI on my 1920-pixel-wide monitors, the icons are shrunk down to 16x16 in the Accounts tab and the header of the Operations tab and so badly pixelated anyway. Maybe 96x96 images or some other multiple of 16 would resize down with less distortion?

This PNG has a transparent background but seems to work fine.


Looks fabulous here, looks terrible in the app πŸ‘€

Stephane, should I file a bug for this addition?

spage added a comment.Jun 3 2020, 2:04 AM

Bonjour @smankowski , I think I figured out Differential and Arcanist just in time for the move to invent/GitLab πŸ˜‰ . Do you want me to re-submit this in invent/GitLab? I'll have the same questions there about icon sizes...

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You can commit it.

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