Add KIO::OpenUrlJob::setShowOpenWithDialog as replacement for KRun::displayOpenWithDialog

Authored by dfaure on May 9 2020, 11:01 AM.



This will not look up the preferred app or run scripts/executables, it always shows an open-with dialog.
Bonus feature compared to KRun::displayOpenWithDialog or KOpenWithDialog: it will first determine the mimetype
(even for remote URLs), which allows to "remember this app for this mimetype".

On the other hand, this loses the support for multiple URLs; OpenUrlJob is about a single URL.
I guess for multiple URLs the best solution is to use KOpenWithDialog directly.

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It seems that we shouldn't end @param with a ".", according to @kossebau anyway...

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Please mention explicit what the default is (false), to remove any ambiguity.

Some other setters might want to have this stated as well, btw.

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I got the info from a commit in kwidgetsaddons where you "fixed" a previous commit of mine :)

Thanks for the link though.

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API docs: remove trailing dot, mention 2 default values

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OK I'm having second thoughts about this. Because of Windows, and because of the case of multiple URLs.

There's "displaying an open with dialog because we couldn't find any app, after a left-click on a file"
and there's "displaying an open with dialog because the user explicitly clicked on Open With..."

On Windows, it's OK if the first one falls back to QDesktopServices::openUrl (i.e. actually launch an app, no open with dialog)
while the second case must show a dialog (KRun::displayOpenWithDialog had code for the Windows native open-with dialog).

Also OpenUrlJob can only ever support a single URL while displayOpenWithDialog supports multiple URLs.

Maybe I should move all this over to ApplicationLauncherJob, which supports multiple URLs (adding a ctor without a KService). Or to yet another job class...
We lose mimetype determination... but that's what we didn't have in KRun::displayOpenWithDialog either.

Input welcome...

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Not committed after all.

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Not committed after all.

It was committed, as I had it when I did git pull, but you lucked out, it seemed to have been eaten by the migration to gitlab somehow; I had to 'git reset --hard' to be in sync with :)

Yeah, the full story is that I pushed to, reverted because I changed my mind, then the sysadmins told me I wasn't supposed to push to at all (it was blocked for everyone, but I have sysadmin privileges for historical and bus-factor reasons). We realized there was nothing to sync to gitlab anyway, since I had simply done push+push+revert+revert.

I think I want to add ApplicationLauncherJob(/*no service arg*/) and make it pop up the open with dialog and launch the selected application.