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Authored by broulik on Thu, Mar 26, 9:33 AM.


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For some reason I couldn't entirely get behind, changedEntries was signalled to change on the QML side on component creation.
Even when replacing the Binding by a direct binding, this wouldn't work. However, while I can't just alias it, it turns out, ghnsDialog already has a changedEntries alias, which we can then just alias to.
Furthermore, don't signal a change when clearing if it was already empty.

This fixes the wallpaper model in Plasma reloading in-flight, causing thumbnail generation to fail. While this is a genuine bug in the model that should be fixed it only started to be a problem with GHNS needlessly reloading the model.

BUG: 419234

Test Plan
  • My thumbnails show up fine again
  • Installing a new thumbnail still reloads the model (changedEntries is signalled to change when I install something)

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Hmm, when doing this, Qt suddenly refuses to pass the entries through to a QQmlListReference