Fix files not being highlighted if directory of file is already open

Authored by feverfew on Feb 14 2020, 12:05 AM.



In DolphinTabWidget::openFiles it assumes openDirectories will open new tabs, so it
only marks the URL selection for the newly opened tabs. This assumption is incorrect
as Dolphin might reuse tabs when the folder is already open.

Even then, markUrlsAsSelected does nothing when the folder is already opened.
The selection seems to only be used when the folder finishes loading, calls made after
that only change a variable without updating the actual selection.

A call to DolphinView::updateViewState() is required to restore the intended behaviour, so long as DolphinView::clearSelection() has been called on the relevant tab, otherwise updateViewState() is a no-op.

BUG: 417230
FIXED-IN: 19.12.3

Test Plan
  1. In any application that has an "open containing folder" select that option
  2. and then do the same for another file in the same folder

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I think we don't want to change existing tabs, only thew new ones.
You probably want to check

if (tabCount > oldTabCount) {
   // use this loop
} else {
  // set active on the tab it now selected for us
213 ↗(On Diff #75654)

updateViewState() resets state once it processed it, right? i.e. I want to avoid changing between views and tabs to randomly scroll back to whatever file it was once asked to highlight.

I don't like abusing this method for this.

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