KIO: fix compilation with KF_DISABLE_DEPRECATED_BEFORE_AND_AT=0x054200

Authored by dfaure on Sat, Jan 11, 8:04 PM.



KPixmapProvider is not available anymore once this is set.

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By setting -DKF_DISABLE_DEPRECATED_BEFORE_AND_AT=0x054200 for the build of the lib, you effectively disable KCOMPLETION_ENABLE_DEPRECATED_SINCE(5, 66)​, and thus hide this class from any builds. Which makes kdelibs4support fail e.g., cmp.

You need to also add ​add_definitions(-DKCOMPLETION_DISABLE_DEPRECATED_BEFORE_AND_AT=0x054100) to still see KPixmapProvider all the time when building this lib, as this override the group settings from the KF variant.

Will do a quick hot fix then to unbreak builds, proper solution can be discussed later (only had my first coffee right now).

Thanks. I was about to push the exact same hotfix at the same moment (well, one minute later) :-)