Add binary-version dependency of hwcomposer on glutils
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Authored by schmeisser on Mon, Nov 4, 10:57 PM.
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so that it does no longer allows installing incompatible versions on updating

Test Plan

run apt upgrade on mobile when normal neon has a newer version/release of kwin, reboot, kwin
should start normally

low level: kwinglutils12 should be held back from apt upgrade as long as no rebuild of kwin-wayland-backend-hwcomposer
is available

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kwinglutils-dependency (branched from Neon/mobile)
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bshah added inline comments.

Would it make sense to add similar thing for other backend? @sitter opinions?

the dependency could also be added to the common package, then it would apply for all backends

Oh oh oh, I forgot to actually read this.

Yes, this in theory applies to all backends, but I am not sure what the fix here is. ABI changes in Git? If so this would be a forever diff against neon because =binary:Version probably makes no sense outside git builds.

Also, shouldn't the mobile repo have a higher priority to prevent a kwin from neon to outscore mobile? Even when that has a higher version.

There may be a dynamic, albeit more complicated, solution to this problem that could be doing via the tooling though. Probably intercepting dh_shlibdeps calls and forcing an override on them to force all packages of $source to be ==version. That would then also apply to all software. This problem should not only affect kwin, but anything with plugins.