Implement KMessageWidget to report import errors.

Authored by bdevries on Nov 1 2019, 10:50 PM.



Add a KMessageWidget to report any errors that have occured during
the import:

  • Files that have failed to copy into the temporary directory.
  • Files that failed to rename/move to their final location.
  • Subfolders (as defined by FileRenameFormatter) that failed to create.

Depending on the kind of failure(s), the KMessageWidget will contain
one or two actions to show a detailed list of files and/or subfolder

Test Plan

Tested extensively with all kinds of errors:

  • set file permissions such that files cannot be copied into their final location;
  • set directory permissions such that subfolders cannot be created.

For each case observed that errors were reported correctly.
Tested that KMessageWidget stays hidden after import without errors.
Tested that previous errors have been correctly cleared when doing
a second import right after the first (without closing the program).

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Nice, will review soon.

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Thanks again for the patch!

Unfortunately I don't have a device capable of importing photos using Gwenview so I'm afraid I can't test this out, so I'll have to leave that part to someone else. I've done some code review; please see the following comments:


Localize this string


Localize this string


Use $1 instead of one (some languages use the singular form for numbers beyond the first)


Use $1 instead of one (some languages use the singular form for numbers beyond the first)


We don't use raw HTML like this. Instead, do it like so:

mErrorMessageWidget->setText(xi18nc("@info", message.join("<nl/>")));

See also


Localize this string


Localize this string

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Internationalize strings.

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bdevries added inline comments.

I tried the syntax above and variations thereof as described in the kuit_markup guide, but I couldn't get the correct behavior. None of the variants seemed to accept <br/> as line break. They all showed it as a literal string.

At that point I realized that running it through an internationalization function is overkill. The only reason to have the join() function is to show two already internationalized strings on separate lines (only in case there are two strings, i.e. failed files AND failed folders).
Are there languages were this wouldn't apply? If so, I would need to rethink the way that the strings are constructed.

BTW, I took the original implementation with raw html from the already existing code to report the successful imports. So maybe that also needs to be updated then.

bdevries marked an inline comment as done.Nov 22 2019, 2:59 PM
ngraham added inline comments.Nov 22 2019, 6:14 PM

It's <nl/> in this context, not <br/> But if the other code already does something else, let's copy that, and refactor them both in the next patch? Does that sound like a plan?

bdevries added a comment.EditedNov 22 2019, 9:25 PM

Yes, sounds good.
The current patch is quite aligned with what the existing code is doing, so no modification should be required. This patch could then be used as-is.

I will look into detail into the kuit documentation to figure out what I was doing wrong, because I tried both <nl/> and <br/> and neither worked. To be honest, it's been a while so I don't remember all the details of the compiler errors and warnings. I will look into it and submit another patch. I still need to figure out the "double internationalization" problem, though.

NB: I have also submitted another oneliner patch which I promised to split off from the main "support remote URLs" patch a while ago.

ngraham accepted this revision.Dec 3 2019, 6:22 PM

Yep, thanks. Sorry this patch has dragged on for so long. I'm landing it today!

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No problem.
I will follow up, as promised, with a patch to refactor the internationalization of the info/warning/error messages.