Importer: convert all file operations to allow remote URLs

Authored by bdevries on Oct 22 2019, 8:47 PM.



All file operations are updated to allow remote URLs, both on the source
and destination side. This consists mainly of converting local file/dir
operations to KIO calls.
Remote source was already mostly covered.
To support remote destinations, a few adaptations were needed:

  • If destination is remote or a remote server mounted locally, then do not create the temporary directory as a subdir of the destination, but create it locally using default QTemporaryDir().
  • When comparing file contents, if destination is remote, use KIO::storedGet to get the file contents in one go. This is much simpler and more robust than using asynchronous KIO::open calls, but has the drawback that the file is read in one go instead of in chunks.
Test Plan

Added unit tests for remote source and destination.
Also tested manually by running gwenview_importer with a combination
of remote and local destinations, covering smb and sftp protocols, as
well as remote server mounted locally (e.g. cifs mount).
Also tested on multiple files with the same name existing in source
directory; both identical and different in content.

Diff Detail

R260 Gwenview
Automatic diff as part of commit; lint not applicable.
Automatic diff as part of commit; unit tests not applicable.
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Use QScopedPointer for QIODevice pointers

Use QScopedPointer for pointers to QIODevices used for comparing file
contents. This is to avoid that the files remain open and memory leaks
at the end of this routine.

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Add unit tests and solve bug when mulitiple files of same name exist.

Added unit tests for remote source and destination.
Solved a bug when multiple files of the same name exist on the source side.

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ngraham added a subscriber: ngraham.Nov 8 2019, 4:09 PM

Nice work. Just a few inline comments:


uncomment or remove


uncomment or remove


uncomment or remove


misplaced comma


What's the reason for this change?


job, mAuthWindow


Seems unrelated; let's do this in a separate patch

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A few additional changes based on Nate's comments.

  • Remove commented qDebug statements
  • Fix commas and whitespace
  • Take out fix for unrelated bug (when importing two files with the same name when there is also a file with that name already in the destination) --> see D25224
bdevries added inline comments.Nov 8 2019, 9:17 PM

Wow, nice catch!


KIO::rename will only do simple renaming. E.g. it will fail if the file needs to be moved across partitions or over the network.
Since we can't assume anymore that the temporary directory is on the same partition/machine than the destination folder, we need to use KIO::moveAs (or KIO::move).
It should be just as efficient as KIO::rename, since the documentation mentions that KIO::move(As) will first try to do a simple rename. Only if that fails it will copy-and-delete.


Another nice catch!


Yes, it's is indeed not directly related. This solves a bug that already existed before this patch. I'll take it out and re-submit.

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