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sorry, but I have to reject this change, it is definitly a bug in clang-9. Why shall a parameter that uses QList<unsigned int> be a "private" element? This makes no sense. It seems that clang does not take into account that QList is a template and has template parameters - the place where it is used is a class that has a parent which has a parent that also is a QList<...>, but a QList of a different type.

However, this made me reconsider using a QList<unsigned int> for a list of numbers, which might not be a good choice. I changed that to QVector<unsigned int> which IMHO fits better.

-> obsoleted by git commit ae4027d640d3

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It's not a bug in clang, it's how C++ works, but hey, whatever

Commit ae4027d640d3297e78d8d0c87389aade128476a5 fixes the problem in a different way, by changing QList<T> parameters to QVector<T>.

The original problem is, as @aacid says, the way C++ works (and not a clang 9 bug; more that earlier clang and gcc shouldn't accept it in the first place):

  • class MultiTrackSource<SOURCE, INITIALIZE> inherits privately from QList<SOURCE*>. The commit mentioned above didn't change that.
  • When inheriting privately from T, the name T is available in that class. But in subclasses, whatever their inheritance, the name T is not private. The example below (which I also put in the FreeBSD review) shows how that works.
  • Now (in master), the name QList is not used in any context that inherits from MultiTrackSource. So it compiles. And as long as you don't use a QList in those contexts, it'll be fine.

The example given elsewhere (and on StackOverflow, as @aacid also pointed out):

// For QList: this is obviously public
struct foo {}; 
// For MultiTrackSource, **privately** inheriting the public QList
struct bar : private foo {};
// For MultiTrackWriter, publicly inheriting MultiTrackSource, but here
// .. QList is now hidden as a **name** by the private inheritance in MultiTrackSource.
struct baz : public bar {
  // Declaration of func() using QList parameters causes a compile error
  // .. because QList is private **in this context** as a name. That's why
  // .. re-anchoring the name lookup (as @aacid and I did in patches) works,
  // .. because the public name is found rather than the private name.
  void func( foo& );

(also change is obsolete and should be abandoned)

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