Add Shape(Paths) to show the page areas more delicately.
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Authored by woltherav on Sun, Sep 29, 5:05 PM.



This requires qml-module-qtquick-shapes/QtQuick.Shapes 1.12 to be installed, and uses the 'Shape' and 'ShapePath' QML objects to create shaped paths.

This allows for following the ACBF data a bit more delicately, and should lay the ground work for translation-overlay support.

The best way I could get a ShapePath made in QML was by feeding it a SVG Path d-string that is assembled in the ACBF data. It also doesn't handle the creation part of said paths.

This patch is pretty rough, I am especially not satisfied with how we're assembling svg for the frames and the jumps in the page 'stringpointlists' and for textarea we're doing so in the ACBFTextArea, especially as it seems the latter do get updated when adding new areas while the former doesn't.

Test Plan

build, open up an ACBF file that supports frames/textareas/jumps.

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