[applets/kickoff] Tweak padding for lists

Authored by filipf on Sep 11 2019, 2:41 PM.


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Add padding on top and at the bottom of lists in Kickoff so the highlight effect doesn't overlap the separator.

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Better, but now the padding is inconsistent between the sides and bottom:

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Look at the top of the view in both screenshots and bottom of the view in the 2nd. Rather than cutting off the content of the items right at the separator as they go out of the visible area, they get cut off early. I think the way they were cut off before was better. I'm guessing that the area around the separator was extended.

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Better, but now the padding is inconsistent between the sides and bottom:

Are you talking about the margins of the item or the margins of the view? Because it seems like the bottom margin of the item could have also been affected. If you are using a non-Default font or font size, that might be the reason. With Noto Sans 10pt (normal text) and 8pt (small text), the top and bottom margins should be 6px each. In your screenshot, it's 6px on the top and 5px on the bottom. I remember the margins being pretty finicky last time I played with them.

I'm talking about the margins outside the selection highlight effect, which should be equal on the bottom as on the sides. I hadn't even noticed the difference in margins within the selection highlight lol (and yes, I do use non-default fonts and sizes: 11pt Ubuntu font for normal 10pt Ubuntu font for small).

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Better, but now the padding is inconsistent between the sides and bottom:

Yeah I think this is the way forward but I don't know where the margins in all the views except Favorites come from. If we add units.largeSpacing in FullRepresentation.qml the top margin is too big in other views.

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Don't want to go through with this anymore because I've had a look at other views and they always sharply cut off content vertically. For example: