Port away from KHTML

Authored by cordlandwehr on Tue, Sep 10, 12:59 PM.


  • Port glossary to QTextBrowser: Straight forward part with just exchanging KHTML functionality with

QTextBrowser, resulting in same results.

  • Port detailed information to QTextBrowser: Visual changes are small. This change also puts the general information

into the header to avoid visual inconsistencies between different

  • Remove KHTML Dependency: This patch also makes all implicit KF5 dependencies visible that

were pulled in via KHTML.

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The extra info looks defenitely more barebones now than before, but maybe that's ok?

Also on the glossary my fonts have changed and they look much smaller (and less nice imho) than before.

Also it seems the glossary has smaller margins

Any idea of why would that be?

Attaching screenshots for reference.





Use better margin for Glossary

Thanks, the update should fix the margins in the glossary windows:

For the details view, however, I would argue that using HTML for them is a problem in the first place and the correct solution would be a rewrite of the dialogs by using native QWidget elements in order to get a consistent look and feel. Shall we approach that now or postpone it for eg. GCI?

aacid added a comment.Tue, Sep 10, 3:20 PM

I'm happy to get this landed if someone else agrees (i.e. @apol or someone else)

And I agree to get some tasks in phabricator/bugzilla for GCI, no need for you to do it to be honest

yurchor added inline comments.

Element info window now looks like Kalzium developers hate their creature. Unstylish, flat and dull.

Can we keep just a bit of powerful HTML5 styling? WebKit is much more advanced rendering engine than KHTML after all...

Just my 2 cents.



@yurchor actually, I did not port to webkit/webengine but to the simple text browser view of Qt, which supports just a subset of HTML elements but brings the very big advantage that one is not dragging a full web engine with all of its overhead into an application just in order to display a table. So I really do not want to do more web stuff here.
The next step for this port should be - in my opinion - to completely get rid of all HTML elements in the app and replace that with QWdigets; also in order to give a more consistent look and feel with other applications/other dialogs of this application. However, I would prefer to just port away of KHTML now and leave the QWidget port for later or GCI.

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