In the main page, add a very visible link asking people to help Krusader
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Authored by asensi on Aug 24 2019, 6:38 PM.


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Following what was being talked about in, in the main page of, in order to attract more people to help Krusader (triaging bugs, etc.):
next to the Krusader Krew mention, using a baloon-like style as if the Krusader Krew was talking :-), a link to the "get-involved" web page can be added, in a very visible way.

If a screenshot may help:

A red version is also be possible, emphasizing the help call, using white letters:

or using yellow letters:

What's your opinion about being one option more appropriate than another?

Test Plan

View the main page, place the mouse over the new link, click on the new link, go back to the main page, reload completely, try again the same.

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The first screenshot looks better than others, IMO.

Did you plan to make the right side of the new box not aligned with the right side of the main column?

There is an issue when the browser width is less then the main column width, see the screenshot:

On a side note, it doesn't have to be a tooltip, it could be just an orange box with a link.

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The baloon-like message presents strange behaviors when doing some resizing, if someone wants propose HTML+CSS code, or an image, or other way, in order to draw attention of more developers...