Security: remove support for $(...) in config keys with [$e] marker.

Authored by dfaure on Aug 6 2019, 10:37 PM.



It is very unclear at this point what a valid use case for this feature
would possibly be. The old documentation only mentions $(hostname) as
an example, which can be done with $HOSTNAME instead.

Note that $(...) is still supported in Exec lines of desktop files,
this does not require [$e] anyway (and actually works better without it,
otherwise the $ signs need to be doubled to obey kconfig $e escaping rules...).

Test Plan

ctest passes; various testcases with $(...) in desktop files,
directory files, and config files, no longer execute commands.

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Also update docu, patch by David Edmundson, thanks

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"and shell commands" to be dropped here no?

LGTM. Regarding the test, if we want to get this change in asap due to the security focus I can submit a follow up patch re-adding it.


Instead of removing this test, can it instead be switched to verify the command execution does not occur?


Grammar suggestion: Note that the application will replace $USER with its expanded values after saving.


I got a valid usecase "Please don't fix this. I use a recursive symlink and a shell script to raise my machine load. The extra heat it produces keeps children warm in the winter." ;)

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Hehe, that's what I did initially, and the value being read was (hostname) without the $ because of the way [$e] works. A bit surprising, but in line with the fact that $/ $? $@ etc would also remove the $ (because the code just sees an empty env var name), and if someone wanted to keep the $ they would have to write $$. So I concluded invalid testcase, nobody would write this anymore. But OK, it's a test about old files that might have this. I'll re-add the test.

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Fix documentation; re-add test for $(hostname)

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Is Frameworks 5.61 going to be re-spun to include this?

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Does anyone think this can be easily backported to previous versions of KDE in upstream distros such as Kubuntu, etc.?

fvogt added a comment.Aug 8 2019, 5:31 AM

Does anyone think this can be easily backported to previous versions of KDE in upstream distros such as Kubuntu, etc.?

I backported this down to KConfig 5.20 and KDELibs 4.14.18, differences were trivial to resolve.